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    Standard Shoulder Replacement Oct 20th surgery day

    Hola Nam, I'm now a little more than 2 weeks. I'm amazed for me this hasn't been so bad. The 4th night i was sleeping flat on my back with a pillow for support of my tsr arm and a bag of ice. My Dr doesn't believe in using a sling. I started up my walking routine day after surgery. I think...
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    Standard Shoulder Replacement June 16 2020 - Standard Total Shoulder Replacement

    Greetings, I had my surgery last Tuesday with Dr Matsen. I was worried being a teaching school and Dr Matsen is primarily just in the room having interns do the work. Regardless they did a great job and i'm nearly pain free. I was fortunate not having any problems with my rotator cuff so i...
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    Standard Shoulder Replacement Oct 20th surgery day

    Surgery went smooth but i didn't like the over night stay in the hospital. Didn't sleep and must admit i was a little paranoid about Covid. Dr's and nurses in and out of my room and never noticed any body washing their hands. Anyway came home around 10am Oct 21st. Never wore a sling and felt...
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    TKR 6 months out I thought I was on the other side

    At 5 months I stopped icing and elevating because my knee wasn't feeling stiff or swollen. One month later my knee got stiff and swollen again. It came on over the weekend and made me depressed. Also I looked at the recovery chart and it looks as though at 7 months it should be totally healed...
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    PKR Emotional

    I'm 6 months out and started feeling pretty good at the 5 month mark. Now 6 months out I'm having swelling and stiffness. Last night I realized that it's probably do to putting to much pressure on my knee during sex. My wife isn't really good at being on top so I feel like I need to decide...
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    I really appreciate everyones feed back. I have one of those great surgeons that has horrible bed side manners. If i ask a question he refers me to his website. I don't even know what type of prothesis I have. I'm going to order all of the dr notes from my surgery and hopefully learn more as...
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    Prior to surgery I was very active cyclist and hiker. In fact I so regret having this surgery. If I knew of the struggles of TKR I would have dealt with my prior situation. I'm 10 weeks out and my knee feels so mechanical. My ROM is around 119 but i stopped going to PT after the first 3...
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    Does anyone know what ROM to expect. My dr said the replacement is designed to get around 125 and any more than that the device is dislocating?
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    TKR knee instability

    Hi Everyone: I'm 8 weeks out now and I can recall a rocking instability at the flexion point from day one. I thought as my knee became stronger this would go away but it hasn't. When I wear walking shoes it isn't so prominent as when I'm barefoot but this really makes me know I have an...
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    TKR What works for you

    Greetings, I'm 7 weeks out and still hurting. My journey sounds like so many but still need encouragement. My ROM seems stuck around 110 and is so painful to get more. I was frustrated with PT after 4 weeks as I didn't see a benefit to pay the extra bucks. I'm doing the same exercises at...

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