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    TKR 6 weeks post op after TKR

    I really like that chart. Even though it's fallen out of favor with some, I'm a huge fan of the cpm machine. Steadily increasing range of motion on the CPM each week really works well.
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    TKR 2 weeks post op/Mako Robotic TKR

    I've had back surgery, shoulder surgery, and three knee surgeries. I had lots of orthopedic problems at a young age. In my twenties I simply couldn't believe how awful all of my physical therapists were. I kept thinking "Maybe they are just bad in my local area. They can't be this bad...
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    TKR CPM Machine After Knee Replacement

    With my MACI procedure I wish I would have used the CPM more. I firmly believe it's beneficial for some recoveries. My insurance charges $29 a month to rent it.
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    PKR When is Click or Clunk Not Normal?

    Sounds completely impossible to me, not simply ambitious.
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    Post-Op Trochleoplasty

    Did they recommend using a CPM machine for your recovery?
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    Reverse Shoulder Replacement The first day post op

    My apologies if I'm the only one who doesn't get it, but why is it called a Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement? Isn't it just a Total Shoulder Replacement?
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    OATS -MACI MACI vs autograft OATS for post haematological transplant patient

    beng5124, I noticed you never responded to my last post. Do you have any follow up information?
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    Revision TKR Four Months Out and Still Can't Walk

    My experience over the years with CPM use has been 100% positive if used properly. I always started on a low degrees and worked up slowly though. I've noticed some PT's encourage too rapid of increases in the degrees every week though.
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    PKR PKR or TKR? Conflicting opinions

    I was down for months even with a minor knee arthroscopy!
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    TKR Which way should I go?

    Have you discussed a biologic option with any doctor like MACI or de novo?
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    OATS -MACI MACI vs autograft OATS for post haematological transplant patient

    I'm about 9 months post op. MACI requires some time non weight bearing and lots of time on the CPM machine. I am still working through a lot of scar tissue from the mini arthrotomy. Maybe I wasn't aggressive enough early on so I grew too much scar tissue. Maybe I was worried about protecting...
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    OATS - MACI My right knee MACI procedure

    I've had three knee surgeries. The first two were simply scam surgeries where I was promised I'd be fully healed and later learned they were worthless surgeries. I simply can't believe how long it takes to recover from what seemed to be even minor arthroscopic procedures. For me, 15 weeks...
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    OATS -MACI MACI vs autograft OATS for post haematological transplant patient

    I've had a MACI procedure, but I'm confused by your question. I've never heard of an auto graft from the Iliac crest being combined with MACI.
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    TKR Knee stiffness...Does it get better?

    Sounds like a paradox. A CPM machine can be your best friend for the first 6 months post surgery.
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    OATS - MACI Knee options for 25 year old

    Is MACI an option for you?
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    TKR Feel I’m disimproving

    I'm a MACI patient but I can't even imagine walking as much as you are walking in such a short time. I will never understand why so many physical therapists seem to think hyper aggressive therapy is the proper course of treatment
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    PKR JusticeRider’s rehab adventure

    My health insurance let's me rent a continuous passive motion machine for $21 a month. I love it. I use it a couple of hours every day. Any stiffness I've had is easily fixed with gentle CPM use.
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    OATS - MACI Almost 7 months out from “triple MACI” procedure

    What did they start your CPM at degree wise on day one? I'm a MACI patient and it's been incredibly difficult to find physical therapists skilled in MACI. You seem to have lucked out and found a good team.
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    OATS - MACI Almost 7 months out from “triple MACI” procedure

    I like to read MACI studies and I'm just perplexed that your doctor gave you such low odds. The study results seem to indicate better outcomes than your doctor suggested.
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    OATS - MACI Almost 7 months out from “triple MACI” procedure

    MACI has been clinically tested on patients over 50. I wonder why you were told 44 is too old.

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