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  1. newnee

    TKR 6 weeks post op TKR and still cannot sleep

    How much are you resting and elevating the leg? What kind of activities if any are you doing? Make sure you don't try to much because your knee is still trying to recover from this major surgery. Make sure you are taking the pain meds around the clock. Things will get better
  2. newnee

    Great news today...Ready for Surgery

    Congratulations you did great. You will soon be on the other side
  3. newnee

    Concern about the upcoming surgery

    As everyone has already said it is normal to be nervous before surgery. All the fears and worries I had about my recovery were way worse than anything I experienced. As long as you rest, elevate, ice and take your pain meds on time the pain is controllable. I set my alarm clock so I made sure I...
  4. newnee

    New knee on the way

    I also live alone and had my two large pups to take care of. Before I had my surgery done I filled my freezer and pantry with microwaveable meal and snacks. I bought paper plates and plastic ware so I did not have to worry about doing dishes. I filled my fridge with drinks and filled up the...
  5. newnee

    Sleeping with 'anticipatory anxiety'!

    It is expected to be anxious before surgery. My nurses were pretty good about checking on my pain levels. When I got home I set my alarm clock to go off at regular intervals so I did not miss a round of pain meds. You will do fine. Having a pain free knee is well worth the journey. Remember...
  6. newnee

    2 years since TKR and knee not doing so well

    Thanks everyone. I am going to talk to my primary care physician. He is pretty good. He was concerned about me still having problems with my knee but when he looked at my records he saw I was already being seen by ortho. He was concerned about not having x-rays of the entire leg. I think he...
  7. newnee

    2 years since TKR and knee not doing so well

    It has been a while since I have been on here. I was having some personal issues I was dealing with and I did not want to discourage anyone who was contemplating surgery. I was doing better after surgery managing pain. I did notice that my foot was slightly turned outward. I mentioned this at...
  8. newnee

    January 7 surgery date for LTKR

    Congrats on getting a new knee to start a new Year Wishing you the best and keeping you in my prayers
  9. newnee

    4:55 AM....

    Prayers being sent for you. Hope all went well and you continue on an uneventful recovery
  10. newnee

    I really need help - must make a decision

    Glad your woories about the implant is over. The important thing is that your surgeon is comfortable with the what he is using
  11. newnee

    New here....TKR soon! Help, please...

    Hi I am 8 months out and I do not regret my decision at all. Don't worry about the pain meds you take them because you need them to keep the pain away. As you progress in your recovery you will find you don't need the pills anymore. Everyone gets the jitters about surgery but once you have...
  12. newnee

    TKR Can't sleep at night after knee replacement

    I did not go back to work for 12 weeks and then was on limited duty hours for another 8 weeks. I was exhausted when I went back to work and my knee would be yelling at me. I had a hard time getting a good nights sleep but finally starting getting back into a good nights sleep about 5 months...
  13. newnee

    TKR I made it to the other side

    congrats and welcome to the other side. Sounds like you are doing well don't forget rest, ice, elevate and take your meds on schedule.
  14. newnee

    Meditation for successful surgery

    I am so happy you found something to help with the pre op jitters. Soon you will be on teh other side and your journey will begin
  15. newnee

    Moving to the "other side"

    By now you should be on teh other side hopw all went well
  16. newnee

    Hello everyone!

    Hi welcome to boneSmart we are here for you
  17. newnee

    Anyone use a concet2 rower after TKR

    I have used it on the recovery side so I dont have any idea what I was able to do prior to the surgery. Alter the surgery I fell in love with the rower i was able to work on range of motion at my pace and most imprtant of all no pain. Inever worked it to the point that it raised my heart rate...
  18. newnee

    TKR Finally made it

    Hi Kneeper I am doing better. Muscles around the knee are a bit stiff and if I do too much walking my knee lets me know i went to far but we are improving I have been down this road before I know to let my knee be the tour guide and try not to get frustrated when I am moving a bit slower than i...
  19. newnee

    Now both knees hurt!!!

    Hi Waivering and welcome to our boneSmart family. I have been there the closer surgery got the more visits I got from the doubt monster. You can't sit and play the what if game it is a no win game. Your knee will not get better you will only get worse. I had to fight for years before I could...
  20. newnee

    Hip replacement on 15th Oct

    When I was being examined for a knee replacement one of the things they did was x=rays and MRI's of not only the knee but my hips and back. Tehy wanted to be sure that the pain I was feeling in my knee was being caused by my knee and not pain that was originating in my back or hip. According...

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