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  1. Tower6brkrs

    TKR I just want to ride my bike. :(

    Have you been able to use a pool for aquatic therapy? or even just a hot tub. any water where you can do EZ squats, knee bends even mimic a bike pedal rotation etc? low impact, basically no resistance and all ROM gains
  2. Tower6brkrs

    TKR Knee swollen and painful 1 year post-op

    has pool therapy helped at all? But if its not a ROM issue, maybe it wouldn't. scar tissue? Your an athlete and have definitely gone through big surgeries/ recoveries (ACL/TKR) . Curious if you have seen an OS that routinely treats professional athletes/ team surgeon etc? Some would argue thats...
  3. Tower6brkrs

    TKR I’m cold!

    if you need pain meds taken them, everyone is different, but its better to be "in front of the pain" versus playing catchup. I really did not want to take the full prescribed dose of Oxy, but I should have at least at first. I took my last Oxy at 2 weeks, then was on Tylenol and naproxen for...
  4. Tower6brkrs

    TKR Spinal anesthesia/ same day discharge

    I had general on my tkr and was home same day with no issues. nerve block and spinal lasted about 24 hours.
  5. Tower6brkrs

    TKR Damaged tkr?

    for me the knee/ leg muscles were definitely strong enough to jog at 4 months if I had wanted (Im now at 6 months), but I am choosing not to with the exception of occasional light spurts on treadmill. the Doctor gave me the OK to light jog a few miles a week but I don't have the interest...
  6. Tower6brkrs

    TKR On The Recovery Side

    for what its worth, there are new "virtual reality" cycling apps for bike trainers that have bluetooth. Im not endorsing or pushing either of these and have no connection to the companies but as a triathlete and one withTKR I have used them both when training called for indoors. Zwift and...
  7. Tower6brkrs

    TKR Over exercising 21 weeks post TKR

    if you have access to a shallow lap pool; even a hot tub I would recommend some aqua therapy. walking, lunges, squats, -whatever your able- to do. Water is almost no impact, great for ROM and the mental affects were really helpful for me. heat packs could help the tightness/circulation. good luck
  8. Tower6brkrs

    TKR Damaged tkr?

    met with my ortho yesterday and X-rays looked solid so no injury to implant. By way of background, I had TKR January of this year, exactly 6 months today. Severe tricompartmental degeneration. Patella dislocation in my 20's and then a lifetime of endurance sports. The reason for the post was at...
  9. Tower6brkrs

    TKR Damaged tkr?

    For those that needed a revision due to an injury to the Tkr, did you immediately -know- when you injured it? for example, could you still walk normally, ride a bike, swim, or was there extreme swelling and you knew immediately and obviously it was hurt with an “oh no” moment? Thanks
  10. Tower6brkrs

    TKR LTKR nearly 6 weeks out- Questions and concerns about PT

    I was aggressive with pt. Manual manipulation from a therapist familiar with tkr was key, for me. Heat before therapy and ice, ice; ice. At 6 weeks I was full extension and beyond 90 flexion. Rehab started day one of surgery. Everyone is different but it worked for me. Nerves still haven't come...
  11. Tower6brkrs

    Revision TKR TKR revision

    For those that needed a revision due to injury, did you -know- when you injured it? Could you walk normally, ride a bike, swim, extreme swelling etc? Was it fairly obvious, or did you have some pain but were surprised when told it dislodged? Thanks

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