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  1. yesyvonne

    TKR One knee done in March; other one in August

    I’m back in the forum today to post best wishes to all on the second anniversary of my first knee replacement! Two years ago today, wow. Life is good; am loving the vastly improved mobility and quality of life a good surgeon, Medicare, and titanium knees have given me ...except my hips are...
  2. yesyvonne

    TKR Two hour ride home day after TKR

    Wow, two hours in a car so soon after surgery makes me cringe. Sorry you had to do that. Someone else may have better advice but my instinct is to suggest calling whoever will be doing your PT, asap, and asking that person for advice. Do continue to get up and use that leg regularly, I would...
  3. yesyvonne

    Cryo cuff or....?

    You might want to double check with your surgeon and/or your hospital before you spring for one, whether new or used. I was given one at the hospital, complements of Medicare, and it was my gift to take home. Motorized pump, velcro cuff, plug it in. I used two frozen 500 ml water bottles to keep...
  4. yesyvonne

    TKR One knee done in March; other one in August

    Hi all, wow, I meant to write about my other knee's surgery and recovery long before now. The days are flying by. I had my second knee replacement August 3rd, as planned, five and a half weeks ago -- and everything went really well. Now I have a matched set of joints and scars. I was in the...
  5. yesyvonne

    Welcome to the August Hot Shots' 2018 Knee Recovery Club

    Hi all, I had my second TKR -- left knee -- August 3rd, and it went great. I'll post something about it in my own recovery thread. Cheers, Yvonne
  6. yesyvonne

    Cannot have a TKR unless I get my BMI down to 30

    For anyone who is serious about losing weight, I strongly encourage you to check out Bright Line Eating. There is a book by that title, written by a neuroscientist who has studied food, nutrition, and brain function around eating. She was once obese herself, is now slim and trim, and still...
  7. yesyvonne

    Cortisone - best to have them on a schedule or when needed?

    @KenUSA36 "Sorry to hear your European trip was ruined." Well, I wouldn't say that, exactly, as I'm still glad I got to see those places, and I have lots of great photos and memories -- but yeah, would have preferred to skip the agony. If I'd been brave enough to have the surgery earlier, it...
  8. yesyvonne

    Ice machine or gel pack?

    @in kneed, I got a used ice machine from a neighbor who had posted it to the NextDoor listserve, for $25. Then I found out the hospital uses them and sends each patient home with her very own new one as a souvenir, to use post-op at home. And Medicare paid for that one. So I ended up with two...
  9. yesyvonne

    Names of Surgeons, knee used (hardware) and why??

    @Tfastle, you asked, too, "how many of you had the minimally invasive/quadriceps sparing approach in your surgery?" Yes, I did. My entire incision is only about 5". Astonishing that he could get in there, dig the old knee out, and put the new knee in with such a short incision. It stops at the...
  10. yesyvonne

    Names of Surgeons, knee used (hardware) and why??

    "Yvonne what made you think it had not been updated in years?" @Tfastle, on the top of that linked page right under the headline it says updated July 15, 2015. I figure that means the data may be that old? And at the bottom of my surgeon's page is a footer that's probably common to the site...
  11. yesyvonne

    Names of Surgeons, knee used (hardware) and why??

    @Tfastle, you might check ...although it looks like it hasn't been updated in a few years.
  12. yesyvonne

    Cortisone - best to have them on a schedule or when needed?

    I did cortisone in each knee approximately every 4 to 6 months for many years. I asked for it when the pain level told me I needed it. Was the miracle cure for me for a long time. But then I had a painful time of it walking around cities in Spain and Portugal in fall 2016 even with cortisone...
  13. yesyvonne

    First knee replacement June 27th!

    I know what you mean about nervous. I was very. And I remember vividly being elated waking up in recovery, that it was done and over, after all my worrying, and that I did wake up. Of course the healing journey after that wasn't easy but know that it's doable. The advice in this forum is...
  14. yesyvonne

    Being Assertive Re: PT

    Here's what I learned about my own PT after getting my first knee replacement in March and having both in-home PT for two weeks and outpatient PT for six weeks after that. It's up to you to set the intensity level. At first I found myself working really hard, to the max so to speak. That's even...
  15. yesyvonne

    Names of Surgeons, knee used (hardware) and why??

    My surgeon, who is a knee specialist -- similar to others mentioned above -- does hundreds every year, about ten a week, I was told. And has been in practice for many years, so his total number is probably in the thousands. I'm very happy with my outcome so far, three months out, and am...
  16. yesyvonne

    TKR Second time lucky for LTKR

    May it all go well for you!
  17. yesyvonne

    TKR One knee done in March; other one in August

    @MSgirl, yes, feeling better than I have in a long time. I lived with that knee pain so long. It was really debilitating and limiting. A new lease on life! Happy birthday to you! 70 is the new 40! :dancy::spin::egypdance::flwrysmile:
  18. yesyvonne

    First knee done March 2018; second TKR set for August 3rd

    Yup, Hot Shot am I. :wave: Thanks for changing the thread title. ("Vonnie"! Haven't heard that since childhood. My best friend's mom used to call me that.) ~yvonne
  19. yesyvonne

    TKR Five Months Later

    Hi @JG464, how are you doing now, all these many weeks later? We had our TKRs done just a few days apart in March. Curious to know if you are as happy as I am with the outcome.
  20. yesyvonne

    First knee done March 2018; second TKR set for August 3rd

    Okay, I just posted an update to my RTKR recovery thread, and now I'm back to the pre-op forum as knee #2 is scheduled for replacement on August 3rd. Am feeling MUCH less trepidation over the whole idea than I did heading into knee #1's procedure, now that I know more clearly what to expect...

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