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  1. paul-crip

    Bilateral THR DaveGM - 12 month aniversary

    Hey Dave Enjoy the bike and enjoy those anniversaries...... This is my 3 year anniversary from 23rd May this year. Take care & have fun, best wishes Paul
  2. paul-crip

    THR THR at 29

    Hi Andy It gets easier mate, just give it time. Keep posititive and let us know how you keep progressing, cheers Paul
  3. paul-crip

    THR Concerned

    Valerie Mines MoM too, if your not suffering symptoms don't worry about it, as its out of your control if it is goiong to be a problem. Thats the way i see mine and if it becomes a problem in the future i will deal with it then. Try not to worry, best wishes Paul
  4. paul-crip

    THR SuziGirl's Recovery Thread - Fell on 4y.o. THR

    Spot on from wills640 - i was about to say exactly the same, listen to the surgeon / PT but more importantly listen to your body. Best wishes Paul
  5. paul-crip

    THR Fast Recovery

    Hey Wilkep Regardless of how quick and well your recovery is going (congratulations by the way!) bear in mind that the hip surgery is quite invasive so all the muslces surrounding the joint will have been damaged in order to put the new joint in so that can take a while to get the strength...
  6. paul-crip

    Strengthening tips for thr

    Hi Angie I am a big advocate of physio and hydro. It takes a long time to build up the base strength and can be quite frustrating getting to that point, i found some of the exercises felt like i was getting no where, but with hindsight they are so important. I would advise you to go for as...
  7. paul-crip

    THR and scared

    Hey deepika I agree with Josephine, you got to put negative thoughts about the future to the back of your mind, anything could happen in the meantime. Regards Paul
  8. paul-crip

    New here!

    Hi Bondgirl Plenty of people here who have been through similar things to you so bundles of advice and support available, best wishes Paul
  9. paul-crip

    THR Post op questions

    Re: 90 degree rule and kneeling Hey Omruds Like everyone else has said best to listen to the advice from your consultant surgeon. One bit to add though, the advice can sometimes be a little (!) conservative - my consultant was adamant that the 90 degree rule applied to me for the rest of my...
  10. paul-crip

    THR George AA1PD post op thread

    Re: Riding horses how many months to wait. There are plenty of others on here who have returned to riding horses, so i am sure you will get plenty of advice. All i can add is the most important thing is to listen to your body, everyone is different and recovers at a different rate and we all...
  11. paul-crip

    What Is The Top Recommended THR for Serious Running???

    I love it - "nothing like falling off a horse, potentially high impact" !! I have had a high impact event with my THR in the latter part of 2010 when i came off my bike again at Brands Hatch (yet again but i love the place.....!!). As with most falls / injuries the outcome is more to do with...
  12. paul-crip

    THR New hip 3/7/12

    Re: Leg length discrepancy? Hi Cathy My operated leg is about 20mm - 25mm shorter, so i use the shoe raise to even things out.
  13. paul-crip


    Hi Melanie What sort of pain is it, more muscular or in the bone / joint? I have been having a similar thing on & off since February. Recently i started to get some pain, not discomfort, right in the joint as i walked and when lifting my leg, which then caused me to walk funny and then the...
  14. paul-crip

    34 years old and need total knee replacement

    No its one of those games from the fair where you have to pick up teddy bears with the big claw that drops them just before you win them.....
  15. paul-crip

    motorcycle is waiting

    Hey Jimmy From my experience, it's not important how long it takes you to get back on a bike, it's the fact you are focused on getting back on the bike that is the important thing. Take your time and listen to your body and keep that goal of riding, and if you don't achieve it in the...
  16. paul-crip

    Newbie just saying hi.

    Hi Tanya Best to listen to your body, it will tell you when you are ready, all the best Paul
  17. paul-crip

    THR Shopping Trips

    Hey Lisa Keep working those glutes, takes a while to get them strong but well worth the effort. Greta idea to get back in the water too, i loved doing my hydro too :biggrin: Best wishes paul
  18. paul-crip

    Metal on Metal warning (old but ongoing news)

    I will get my solicitor on standby........!! Positive thinking, there will be no problems, there will be no problems, there will be no problems....... can't do anything about it so why worry until it is an issue, that's the way I see it.
  19. paul-crip

    In shock

    Skiing might be a little bit dodgy....... but if you get back to doing that then well done, just be careful when the time comes to give it a go.
  20. paul-crip

    Just now getting scared

    Hi Kaaper I think it is perfectly normal, anxiety is a normal reaction and something most of us, if not all of us have been through on here. For me it was fear of the unknown really. I was the same going to the hospital by myslef which wasn't ideal, just try and draw on the positive aspects...

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