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    Bilateral THR Both Sides NOW!

    Thank you, Deb! Reading through your journey--wowza--you are a Wonder Woman!!! My apprehension has been allayed a bit about my upcoming THR. I appreciate your time and effort in documenting your progress; you are leaving a "well in the valley" for those of us who are finding it necessary to...
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    THR Surgery Scheduled!

    I'm scheduled for a right THR on 12/21. Pre-op is tomorrow, 12/7 and I have an appointment with the surgeon the following day. It hasn't been the best experience thus far in that I have received a number of mixed messages from KP, requiring me to follow up with more emails and phone calls. I...
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    THR Elated and apprehensive

    Jaycey, so...are muscles cut in both procedures? Enquiring minds and all that... Thank you for the prompt response. Your thoughtful, efficient responses do much to allay fear.
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    THR Elated and apprehensive

    Thanks so much, folks. I have some questions; hopefully, you won't have to read a novella to get to all of them! :wink: I met with the surgeon last week for the first time. Nice guy <<<shrugging>>>. He told me that there are ONLY two places I should be going to for information on the...
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    THR Elated and apprehensive

    Hello, all! New participant here. I have perused the site a little; it looks like there is a wealth of information to be had here. :) I am scheduled to meet with an orthopedic surgeon the middle of September. My right hip has been paining me for several years; given the pandemic, along with...

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