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  1. Whoodee

    TKR Abdominal muscle pain

    Thank you Layla. I will work on this.
  2. Whoodee

    TKR Marge's recovery thread RTKR 7/15/22

    That’s me exactly!
  3. Whoodee

    TKR Abdominal muscle pain

    Thank you.
  4. Whoodee

    TKR Abdominal muscle pain

    Anyone have any tips to help eliminate this limp. I limped so long with right knee before getting replaced and now I’m eager to start walking normally. I’m almost four weeks out now and knee is feeling pretty good with most of the swelling gone. I drove for the first time yesterday! Thanks...
  5. Whoodee

    TKR Abdominal muscle pain

    Just checking in with progress report. Today marks three weeks since righty done and I think I’m doing pretty well. Going around house without any assistive device and want to out in public but a little nervous of doing that yet. Hubs drove me to get a much needed haircut this morning. Am...
  6. Whoodee

    TKR Abdominal muscle pain

    My two new knees today. Had good report from P A today and he found and removed a staple missed by home health nurse. He couldn’t believe my progress already and was surprised to see me with cane and no walker. He discharged me and is fine with no out patient pt and says I can return to gym...
  7. Whoodee

    TKR New Here

    I use Calm and it works well.
  8. Whoodee

    TKR Abdominal muscle pain

    Surgery was two weeks ago today and had my last in home therapy visit. Flexion at 95 and extension at 0. I will continued prescribed exercises on my own and hope to improve each day. Looking forward to being able to function normally again.
  9. Whoodee

    TKR booked for May 2023...very nervous after trawling google

    I suffered for years with both knees, being too afraid to get them done. When it got to the point of basically no real quality of life for me, I did it and have not regretted that decision. Just do it and you will be so glad you did. Not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. All the best to you.
  10. Whoodee

    TKR So happy Surgery is behind me!

    Yes, I would like a clear answer on this as well.
  11. Whoodee

    TKR Abdominal muscle pain

    I have been told that drinking a lot of water will help knee swelling go down. Does anyone know if this actually helps! I feel I could do so much more if I didn’t have the swelling.
  12. Whoodee

    TKR Abdominal muscle pain

    Another good session with in home pt. Did stairs with no problem. He is just the best; so positive and encouraging. I’ll be sorry when he cuts me loose next week but I know what to do on my own and will not be going to any outpatient pt. I plan to do as well with this one as I did with...
  13. Whoodee

    TKR Abdominal muscle pain

    Thank you Layla. Funny thing is, I didn’t realize how much more draining moving around with a cane would be after using a walker for over a week. Hopefully it will get better each day until I don’t need it at all.
  14. Whoodee

    TKR Abdominal muscle pain

    Staples out and was not as painful as first knee. Have graduated from walker to cane and hopefully soon to no assistive device. Feeling very blessed.
  15. Whoodee

    TKR When does the pain get better?

    I totally agree on the toilet seat riser. It has been a huge help for me.
  16. Whoodee

    TKR Recovery #2

    Yes, that’s my go to piece of exercise equipment.
  17. Whoodee

    TKR Recovery #2

    I think it might be a recumbent bike. Just like an elliptical, only you are seated.
  18. Whoodee

    TKR Abdominal muscle pain

    Thank you Jaycey and Layla. You reminded me of what I needed to realize. I am icing and elevating an hour at a time. I’m wondering if I should be walking around more than I currently do because it does seem I spend most of my time in the recliner icing and elevating. I’m not sure how to even...
  19. Whoodee

    TKR Abdominal muscle pain

    I’m beginning to think my left TKR on October 19 was the exception to recovery. I did so well so quickly but with righty done a week ago today, not so much. I still wake up with pain and discomfort at night and I can’t get the swelling to budge. I know all knees are different but I am so...
  20. Whoodee

    TKR When oh when oh when

    I take tramadol and the stool softeners definitely help me. I’ve not been constipated.

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