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  1. Cjackso21

    TKR Has Anyone Returned to Hockey after TKR?

    Hello, After my left TKR I played very casual soccer as a goalie only for years until my right TKR which has been an ongoing problem so for other reasons. My doctor told me before I started playing that constant high impact sports will make the plastic spacer wear out faster. But he said...
  2. Cjackso21

    TKR Knee stiffness...Does it get better?

    I found that icing and elevating with a 0 gravity chair helped the swelling thus the stiffness. I think I will always have stiffness but I stretch every morning and evening still. Also, I found passive stretching and moving by sitting and bend knee with a belt then moving knee back out...
  3. Cjackso21

    TKR What was your limit on pain meds.

    I found that Tramadol was the best for me. Oxy made me dizzy and knocked me out. Agree with icing and elevating. I always did this after PT or home exercise. I was not allowed to use ibuprofen due to blood thinners. So after each surgery would ween off pain meds once I could take...
  4. Cjackso21

    TKR Genetic predisposition to formulation of scar tissue

    Hello, I have had so many surgeries so it’s hard to recall but I believe I’ve had arthroscopic surgery in the past to remove scar tissue. Not sure if it worked as I had more surgeries later which of course contributes to more scar tissue. But eventually my right knee, although much larger and...
  5. Cjackso21

    TKR Shockwave therapy

    I also did Shockwave and PRP about 6 mos ago. The shockwave worked almost immediately for me as well. PRP did also but the goal of both was to repair my stretched ligaments from all of my surgeries. Helped but eventually stretched again. But pain levels are still much better. Just have...
  6. Cjackso21

    TKR Feeling something hard under knee cap

    I had the same feeling and it terrified me. My doctor told me it was the knee cap not tracking correctly because your muscles are all week now from surgery. Had it most of my surgeries and it went away every time but always scared me. Good luck!
  7. Cjackso21

    TKR Recovery room nightmare and in the middle of a pain crisis just 36 hours out

    In order to help my pain, my last doctor sent an ice machine home that compresses the ice water to your knee. Using this while elevating using a 0 gravity chair reduced the pain immensely. If you can’t get an ice machine, conformal type ice packs work. Sorry you’re having such a hard time!
  8. Cjackso21

    High Tibial Osteotomy 3 months post op

    Hello, sorry you’re having such a hard time. Just curious, what is an HTO? I had many procedures before my first LTKR when I was 45. Had a cementless TKR that worked well (cement fails first so cementless is supposed to last longer). 7 yrs later my RTKR did not. At 45 I was also not a...
  9. Cjackso21

    TKR Has anyone experienced

    With all of my surgeries I’ve had that tight band feeling that always worried me but found out it’s normal. I found that gentle movement of my knee while sitting with a belt around the ankle helps. Feels like it loosens it up. Then I always ice at bedtime. I don’t recall that much pain. Good...
  10. Cjackso21

    TKR Numbness knee replacement

    I had numbness right away from my last knee surgery then maybe a year later had numbness in my foot. But this ended up being a pinched nerve in my back. Still trying to get this fixed.
  11. Cjackso21

    TKR TKR Shin Swelling

    I had many problems, not like your’s, but put up with it because my OS said he couldn’t find anything wrong. Finally after about 18 months I went to a revision specialist. They figure out what was wrong right away. Might be worth getting a second opinion from someone who specializes in...
  12. Cjackso21

    TKR 1.5 years of NIGHTMARE complications

    Hello, I am in the same club as you where I too had problems that my first OS finally just said, “I don’t know”. Finally ended up with a revision specialist that was awesome and he figured out in 10 mins that my entire TKR had not adhered. It was a cementless one due to my age. He did a...
  13. Cjackso21

    TKR Stiffness , pulling behind knee ?

    I think I have had clicking with every replacement and revision. I was told it was the knee cap not tracking exactly then clicks. Maybe fluid or a weak muscle causes this. Scares me every time but it always goes away. Good luck
  14. Cjackso21

    TKR Knee pain when getting up

    Hello, I have had similar problems as well but also found like others, that elevating my knee makes a big difference. I even try to passively bending the knee a bit to get stuff moving before I get up. At 2 months I was still having problems getting back to work and getting up and down. It...
  15. Cjackso21

    TKR Knee replacement recovery

    @R2R, Just an X-ray but they did an angle where you bend your knee and look down at the knee from above. None of my other X-rays with my previous OS we’re done like that. They also did a CT scan to confirm. Good luck and please let me know if you have any more questions!
  16. Cjackso21

    TKR LTKR leg muscle pain

    Hello, I agree with the magnesium and I also take an electrolyte supplement (tablet that dissolves in water, Nuun). Both have helped. Good luck!
  17. Cjackso21


    Good luck all of you! Icing and rest is your friend. Especially after exercises and walking. I used an ice machine for awhile that was rented and it had compression as well. It was a miracle machine. I used it while laying back in a 0 gravity chair to elevate my leg above my heart. My last...
  18. Cjackso21

    TKR A 30 something's TKR recovery

    Hello! I was 45 (2008) with my first TKR on my left knee. I also had cementless. Only issue on my left has been that the metal press fit knee cap had caused deterioration of my knee cap so they took it out. I had a cementless TKR on my right as well in 2014. After 2 years of pain, I went...
  19. Cjackso21

    TKR Knee replacement recovery

    Hello, as these folks say, it can take a long time for some folks. Have you been to you doctor? I had pain in my knee for about 2.years before I finally went to a revision specialist. My doctor said he just didn't know. Wish I had started looking for a revision specialist earlier as it took...
  20. Cjackso21

    TKR 2 weeks TKR

    Sleeping is always tough but gets better. I found that pillows between my legs, and anywhere to help prop into a comfortable position helps but doesn’t solve the bathroom problem. After one of my surgeries, I had that problem worse than the other surgeries. Found I had a bladder infection...

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