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  1. lanstan

    THR 8 weeks from THR

    90% of what we worry about never happens and the other 10% we have no control over. When I learned this I became way more happy with living each day as it is!
  2. lanstan

    THR Merrimay's on the other side now THR

    I also saw the Adam Sandler was on a daytime show and said he has a new hip!!
  3. lanstan

    THR 8 weeks from THR

    Please make a list on paper of all your questions that you have asked here and take them to your OS appointment. It is easy to forget what to ask unless we write it down. Hope all goes well.
  4. lanstan

    Hip Infection* I am the Storm

    Keep us updated @danelady even if you feel things aren't changing. We need your voice here!
  5. lanstan

    THR Moosehead's Recovery

    I didnt mention how incredible your pictures are and I see your daughter is so happy she can do this with her father again! She is a doll!
  6. lanstan

    THR Moosehead's Recovery

    So happy to hear great stories as well as the struggles that can happen. I am 7 months out and ham happy I can do whatever I want. I choose to do yoga 1-2 times a day as well as strength training twice a week with no downsides. Will never ski or ride a bike but I didnt do that before my surgery...
  7. lanstan

    THR Megsmum75's Recovery

    Can you get a referral to an infectious disease doc. It would be more reassuring and infection is their specialty>
  8. lanstan

    THR Sept R Hip recovery

    Did you mean 12.5 mm or cm. There is a big difference.
  9. lanstan

    Hip Infection* I am the Storm

    My heart breaks for you. I wish I had an answer for you. I am hoping the knee brace helps to prevent more dislocations.You are very strong but even strong people can be beaten down so much. I am glad you have us here to help you get back to your previous happy self!
  10. lanstan

    THR Megsmum75's Recovery

    Yes Ondansetron and Zofran are the same thing.
  11. lanstan

    THR Megsmum75's Recovery

    Don't know if you got Zofran for nausea but it can cause headaches. Take tylenol with it. I know it is crazy that you have to take another drug to combat the side effects from another drug but you will be off of all of them before you know it.
  12. lanstan

    Hip Infection* I am the Storm

    @danelady Just wondering if you are having less pain now or is it continuing to be bad. We look forward to your updates!
  13. lanstan

    THR Hi! Post THR recovery

    Or try yoga in the mix. Lots of football and baseball players do yoga. I live on the oregon coast and a lot of surfers do to!
  14. lanstan

    Hip Infection* I am the Storm

    All I can say is i want you to know we are all behind you with on line support. It feels like it is not enough and it is frustrating we cant help you more. Virtual hugs!
  15. lanstan

    THR Megsmum75's Recovery

    A high loss of blood is usually unavoidable with hip replacements. Average of 1500ml. It takes a while for the body to build back up. Nutrition and fluids are very important. Dizziness and weakness are very common.
  16. lanstan

    THR RTHR Recovery - UK - 65 year old woman

    I love water walking. You put a float belt around your waist, go to the start of the deal end and head to the deep end all the while not touching the bottom. Works your arms and legs and (bonus)you dont get your hair wet.Some people call it water jogging. You can look it up on google
  17. lanstan

    THR Game of Life 411's THR recovery

    I did what you have done. I scheduled my LHR long before I was limping a lot. I had pain for a year and talked to so many people who said dont wait. I am so glad I did. I think my recover was much easier because of it. It still does take some time. I am 6 months out and now I can do everything...
  18. lanstan

    THR A New Ride Begins - The Puckhead's recovery

    My husband got velcro tape and put it on my walker and on my grabber. it was always there when I needed it!
  19. lanstan

    THR Merrimay's on the other side now THR

    Yep I would say check in with your PCP or OS. Is it warm to touch(after the ice has been off for a while), or red. You cant feel a blood clot. Better to be safe than sorry.
  20. lanstan

    Hip Infection* I am the Storm

    Oh My. What an experience. I hope you are taking notes for when your write your book! I hope everyday gets little bit better! Those bedside commodes are great. My first week i couldn't make it to the bathroom either. My husband thankfully put up with all my dribbles. I think the spinal or meds...

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