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    THR Boofit's recovery in Hong Kong

    An update It has been a busy start to the year for me. My husband and I travelled to Sydney again in around mid January to the end of the first week of February as my son in law had to go overseas for a few days to attend his brother's wedding and we wanted to be there for our daughter (and 2...
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    THR Sandy's Recovery Thread

    Have a good trip @myglasshalffull !! I can just imagine you sinking your toes into the sand on those gorgeous beaches, swimming in the turquoise water, and drinking and chatting with friends in the famous beach bars....
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    THR Ocean’s second hip recovery

    Popped into your thread to see how you are doing @Ocean . Glad to see that you are doing okay and gradually improving. 10,000 steps do seem quite a lot! Do take it slow and steady, and take care of that knee.. I am sure everything will be ok in the end. Hugs from Hong Kong!!!
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    THR Boofit's recovery in Hong Kong

    Sorry to hear you have trochanteric bursitis and tight IT bands in BOTH hips. For what it is worth, an orthopaedic surgeon friend of mine recently suggested that at some point I might wish to try shock wave therapy for the bursitis. I have not done that yet, but before I go for injections I...
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    THR Boofit's recovery in Hong Kong

    I had my 5th Covid vaccine (bivalent Pfizer MRNA) two days ago. Except for soreness in the upper arm which lasted for about 24 hours, I did not have any adverse reaction. I did experience a mild nagging ache inside my hip during the night after my shot though, and wondered whether this was...
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    THR Sandy's Recovery Thread

    So happy to hear this @myglasshalffull ! One orthopaedic surgeon who does lots of hip replacements told me that trochanteric bursitis is a very common issue that he sees in his patients. Although he does injections, he suggests patients try shock wave therapy first. Certainly sounds wonderful!!!
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    THR Boofit's recovery in Hong Kong

    @Klassy, Tula is adorable! I am back in Hong Kong where it is "cold" at around 14 degrees centigrade in the evenings!!.. I see on the news that cold weather has wrecked much havoc in the US and hope my BoneSmart friends there are keeping safe! I am going to Sydney in late January to enjoy...
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    THR Boofit's recovery in Hong Kong

    I returned back to Hong Kong on Christmas Day. The pain was quite bad the 2/3 days before my flight, probably brought on by more standing/walking (shopping for Christmas, cooking for my daughter etc), and I was back on NSAIDs and painkillers. I lay flat for most of the trip back and also...
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    THR Boofit's recovery in Hong Kong

    6 Months post-op. I am still in Sydney visiting daughter and family. I think I have recovered somewhat from the fall I had on 17 November, but I still feel a small lump in my butt in the area where I hit the ground and still have some pain in that region. I still experience pain within the...
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    THR Boofit's recovery in Hong Kong

    Update on my fall (on 17th November 2022 - not 16th as I wrongly typed in my #341 post) I went to see a GP. I was experiencing increased pain in the upper femur and in the sit bone area (which has a big bruise), and walking without a cane was also difficult - as the entire leg was achy. The...
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    THR Boofit's recovery in Hong Kong

    Thank you @Layla @myglasshalffull @CricketHip and @Ocean . It was my own fault, being careless and in unfamiliar surroundings. Today a big bruise appeared at the ischial tuberosity area (the bony area where one sits on), and there is also very mild bruising at the lateral part of the...
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    THR Boofit's recovery in Hong Kong

    It HAPPENED - I had a fall. I fell backwards down 3 steps at the Airbnb house in Sydney that I was staying. That was around 4pm local time yesterday, the 16th of November. I landed like an overturned turtle on a mostly grassy area. The picture shows where the clothes were hanging out to...
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    THR Boofit's recovery in Hong Kong

    5 month update I went to see my OS at his private clinic this morning. In the main, I wanted to ask him about the pain I had been having in my left upper leg. The pain is not serious, but troubling enough to cause me concern and I decided to see him to check that the pain is not caused by...
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    THR Still struggling!

    Hi @I'vegotthis! , I am so sorry that you are in a lot of pain... Maybe talk to your doctor to see if the medication needs to be adjusted? Also, have you tried icing (Ice has an analgesic effect) ? Hope your pain lessens soon and you get a smooth journey on the road to recovery!
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    THR Boofit's recovery in Hong Kong

    Yes @Layla , my daughter is expecting her first in November, and we haven't seen her since her wedding in December 2019! It's been almost 3 years, and this will be our first trip overseas since. Before we meet with them, we will be spending some time in the Blue Mountains. @myglasshalffull...
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    THR Boofit's recovery in Hong Kong

    Thank you @Ocean . I read on your thread that you are progressing well, and I am so happy for you! Both hips done now, and hope you won't be needing the Paracetamol at all in the very near future! Hugs and warm wishes for a Speeeedy recovery from Hong Kong!
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    THR 5 months in

    Hi @Doubledose, my leg turned outwards quite significantly after my THR, but it gradually turned back in - now it is slightly turned out, but I am happy with it. I think many people have similar experiences as mine after a THR. See what your surgeon says in your follow up appointment next...
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    THR 17 May 22 THR

    Had my flu shot last week. Totally fine and no increased pain in hip. Hope you are feeling better today!
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    THR 6 months after right THR advice please

    Hi @Tish22 :wave:, I can totally relate to what you are going through. I am in the same situation. Have located a particularly tender area over the bursa region. I have just started on Celebrex, an NSAID, and will be massaging the area with Voltaren gel. I will also be resting more. I...
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    THR Boofit's recovery in Hong Kong

    Have not been posting for a while, mainly busy with other things, including other medical appointments!! Had to go for a cardiac CT scan and had some visits with the opthamologist too. No biggie, in my view it is a process of ageing. On the hip, I have been dejected with the slower...

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