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  1. Annie N

    Revision TKR Polyethylene Spacer Replacement

    Oh yes that's one I know as well. I have a lot of laxity and I'm afraid my joint replacement had now been condemned after 3 years, 8 months is pretty annoying frankly. It's been difficult to decide if a new spacer will be enough but it looks like a new joint component is the final decision, I'm...
  2. Annie N

    Revision TKR Another Revision Planned

    Yuk, feel for you
  3. Annie N

    Revision TKR Another Revision Planned

    It's a full revision. The spaceris between the joint parts and it's too small
  4. Annie N

    TKR 12 Days Out from LTKR and Struggling

    My advice is drop the PT completely for a week & see how you get on. You need to get walking a bit as a bigger priority and that's more than enough exercise in the first 3 weeks in my experience. When the pain drops is the time to get back to general physio. That's when you will find PT most...
  5. Annie N

    Revised PKR to TKR Annies recovery thread R PFK to TKR revision 19/07/22

    5-6 months is the quoted wait. It has also had to be reviewed by their MDC as this issue is an early failure. The MDC sent me a letter about their decision that's so vague I've no idea what's was decided!
  6. Annie N

    TKR Scared of Needles

    Don't panic this is fixable. I too have such a fear of nerve blocks as usually they don't work for me. I've had 2 partial & 2 revision knee replacements & for 3 of them I refused the spinal and relied on a GA only. You can do that but be warned it's not funny afterwards as this is painful...
  7. Annie N

    Revision TKR Another Revision Planned

    Me again, back for a revision of my 2019 left TKR due to hyperextension and instability. Frustrated but resigned. I was given these choices in the summer: 1. Leave as is and use the right knee as my main balance and support 2. Have the left plastic spacer replaced for one that is larger and is...
  8. Annie N

    Revised PKR to TKR Annies recovery thread R PFK to TKR revision 19/07/22

    Here's an update, after this I'm moving back to the pre-op forum as the left knee decision has been made Good news, nearly 5 months and I'm 80-90% recovered from my right knee revision. I'm still a bit weak in the muscles, but I was pretty poor beforehand, so overall it's good, and I'm getting...
  9. Annie N

    TKR A 30 something's TKR recovery

    That depends on a lot of things, and no-one can say how you will recover. But for me, one knee [partial] was three weeks, the other [revision] was three months. I have to say, I'm concerned that you are doing too much too soon just because you can. Don't push yourself backwards by pushing this...
  10. Annie N

    Revised PKR to TKR Annies recovery thread R PFK to TKR revision 19/07/22

    Here's an update. This week was 6 weeks post surgery and 7 weeks post foot break, so I'm out of the surgical boot and wobbling around a bit, but improving every day. I can walk better still with a crutch or a stick if it's not too far, but also without either short & level distances, and this...
  11. Annie N

    Welcome to the July Sparklers 2022 Knee Recovery Club

    Please add me to the July group
  12. Annie N

    Revised PKR to TKR Annies recovery thread R PFK to TKR revision 19/07/22

    Hi Folks, Well, after an unfortunate 2 1/4 year delay, my revision took place a week ago. It nearly didn't happen after I fell down the stairs at the theatre a week beforehand and added a left foot avulsion fracture of the navicular bone to my list of injuries. Consequently, I turned up to...
  13. Annie N

    Revision TKR Knee spacer replacement?

    Thank you, Kelly, That's wonderful news, very encouraging. Actually, I had the same surprised flexibility remark from the hospital physio team after surgery. I took the advice given and wrote to my surgeon, who called me about this matter. His plan was explained to me in full, we agreed it and...
  14. Annie N

    Bilateral TKR Hyperextension post BTKR

    May I enquire what has happened? Did you go ahead? It turns out that I also have significant hyperextension and have had a replacement spacer suggested. Did it happen - did it work? I could do without the instability and 'collapse backwards' issues that are happening.
  15. Annie N

    Revision TKR Knee spacer replacement?

    Thank you, useful information. I'll ask but I don't have great confidence that anyone actually has the time to get anything right currently, just had some paperwork that wrong as well now, it's never ending. Let's see I might be pleasantly surprised
  16. Annie N

    Revision TKR Knee spacer replacement?

    Hi Folks, Today was the day I should have had my right PFJ converted to a TKR, but a rather unfortunate surgical double booking has deferred it for a few weeks. So I now have time to consider what is being proposed more fully, I thought I'd ask you guys a few questions and seek some opinions...
  17. Annie N

    TKR Here we go again - revision of first PFJ

    After a long wait [wonder why!] I'm about to be scheduled for my first PFJ to be revised. The timing is poor, but it's now essential as my walking is slowing down significantly, and I have regular flare-ups that can no longer be managed. Here's hoping I've leaned enough now to be able to sail...
  18. Annie N

    Revision TKR Every replacement appears to be totally different

    Well today the physio and the surgeons registrar said the same thing in different fashions: You will be able to cycle better than walk right now You are on a plateau and it should improve in 3 more months [oh dear] The issue described relates to the inner quad muscle attachment to the lower...
  19. Annie N

    Revision TKR Every replacement appears to be totally different

    Thanks, I needed a bit of reassurance! Of course you are right, its still heating up every now and then although I've really had very little swelling so of course its still repairing, silly me. Daft things you can try to do when you think you are getting better no 1: Volunteer to take a...
  20. Annie N

    Revision TKR Every replacement appears to be totally different

    Thanks for your support ladies. I'm off to see my physio and surgeon again later this week to review this stalled recovery, its not really improved in two weeks. On the advice of my physio a couple of weeks ago I'm back on daytime painkillers which allows me more free movement although I'm not...

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