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  1. Susie-Q

    PKR Nine months recovery

    Good luck with your upcoming surgery, @Mavric ! Keep us posted! :flwrysmile:
  2. Susie-Q

    TKR 2nd knee, 2nd recovery

    I'm sorry you are dealing with this @Sara61 and I hope the doctor's can figure it out. :sad:
  3. Susie-Q

    TKR Marge's recovery thread RTKR 7/15/22

    I totally get that feeling! I didn't have both done in the same year like you did but I do remember somewhere around 6-8 months post-op with this last one that wow! I can stand and not have to constantly shift to relieve the pain from my bad knee! You'll get there, don't worry. Remember...
  4. Susie-Q

    TKR Following My Instincts

    Well, that would definitely NOT have worked for me, then or now! Ouch! My new knee just bends to a certain point and then the joint says, nope, not going any further or I might split open! Further proof that recoveries cannot be a "one size fits all" approach.
  5. Susie-Q

    TKR Recovery #2

    Good luck at your appointment tomorrow, Beachy. I'm sorry you are dealing with this extra swelling and pain. Sometimes these Drama Queen knees have minds of their own and it's hard to figure out why they are acting up. Hopefully all will resolve with time. :flwrysmile:
  6. Susie-Q

    TKR Newbie

    This is so wrong! I'm very glad you are taking charge of your own PT. My wish is for this therapist to experience a TKR for themselves!
  7. Susie-Q

    PKR Partial knee replacement 5 weeks ago.

    Please keep us posted on your purple foot. I'm glad you are having it checked out! If it's cold and purple it sounds like the circulation to that foot isn't the best..... :chinstroke:
  8. Susie-Q

    TKR TKR after tibial plateau fracture

    Or, they were stretching the truth, which is the more likely explanation. Those friends of friends stories get changed in translation oftentimes. There are those who recover quickly but they are in the minority. Most people fall in the middle with an average recovery that usually takes a full...
  9. Susie-Q

    TKR TKR after tibial plateau fracture

    You'll get there, @Ayse , don't worry. This is still very early days for you. It takes time and a heck of a lot of patience, which is sometimes the hardest part. Keep checking in here to let us know how you are doing. :flwrysmile:
  10. Susie-Q

    TKR Recovery #2

    @beachy, you crack me up! :rotfl: All your talk about hams, sausages, brats, kielbasa and (de)forestation made me simultaneously hungry and want to go camping. :heehee: Glad your recovery is going well! :flwrysmile:
  11. Susie-Q

    TKR Week 7 Left Total Knee Replacement

    You really should have consulted with your surgeon before just going off your pain meds. He/she could have prescribed an alternative so you wouldn't have had to be in so much pain. Many people are able to take oxy just fine and stop when needed but others have trouble with it. It sounds like...
  12. Susie-Q

    TKR Week 7 Left Total Knee Replacement

    Welcome to Bonesmart! :flwrysmile: Here are some articles to help you through your recovery. They are short but full of valuable information. Knee Recovery: The Guidelines 1. Don’t worry: Your body will heal all by itself. Relax, let it, don't try and hurry it, don’t worry about any...
  13. Susie-Q

    TKR How long out of work realistically?

    Yes, you will feel fatigue for several months post-op as your body is still using a large amount of energy for healing. You'll be surprised to know how tired you will feel after doing what doesn't seem like too much right now.
  14. Susie-Q

    TKR 2nd time around

    Congratulations on your second new knee! :yay: You know the drill. Keep us posted on your progress. :flwrysmile:
  15. Susie-Q

    TKR Had my rt tkr Feb 1st.

    Tell those friends and family members to watch a knee replacement on You Tube and then come and tell you you should be back to normal after two weeks!!! Major carpentry work has been done! Bones sawed off, ligaments and tendons stretched around, implants drilled and cemented into bones. GOOD...
  16. Susie-Q

    TKR Recovery from TKR

    Yes, totally normal to feel stiffness and soreness for months after a TKR. Remember, a full recovery is usually a year and can sometimes take longer. Everything will eventually settle down but it just takes time. You are only 3 months into a 12 month recovery. Keep icing, elevating, resting...
  17. Susie-Q

    TKR Marge's recovery thread RTKR 7/15/22

    Yes, go easy on yourself. :console2: I also found that writing down each dose of what I took and the time helped me keep things straight. Otherwise I would forget when I took what. Setting alarms on my phone was also crucial. Now is the time for taking them on a schedule to keep ahead of...
  18. Susie-Q

    TKR Following My Instincts

    Yep, I so agree with you both! I had my first TKR at age 42 and luckily at that time I had a doctor that didn't hesitate but said let's fix you up so you can get out there and live! He retired soon after but I was able to make it 11 years before I needed knee #2 done. My new doc said I was a...
  19. Susie-Q

    PKR My Drama Queen Patellofemoral Knee

    I'm sorry there are still no answers regarding your Drama Queen knee, @Jockette. This has got to be immensely frustrating. :hairpulling:
  20. Susie-Q

    TKR March 8/22 RTKR Excited for the next step!

    Glad you had a good first day back. Your story will be inspiring to others, thank you for sharing it with us! :flwrysmile:

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