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  1. Ocean

    THR New hip at 37, how it went, how it's going!

    Glad that you are home, congratulations on your new hip.
  2. Ocean

    THR 8 weeks from THR

    Yes, I have had pain in both knees at times along with pain in my thighs, back etc. but I had both hips replaced within three months so there’s a lot of settling to be done. The physiotherapist was able to pinpoint the problems and give me gentle exercises, stretches and advice. Sometimes heat...
  3. Ocean

    THR 8 weeks from THR

    @Spongebob, you could ring your GP to ask if there is physiotherapy available or you could pay for physiotherapy if you are able. I have found physiotherapy very useful in helping with the knee pains and all the ligament and muscles pains during recovery.
  4. Ocean

    Bilateral THR What a Rollercoaster

    Congratulations on your new hips x
  5. Ocean

    THR Dental issue 1 week before surgery

    Fingers crossed for you
  6. Ocean

    Bilateral THR Anesthesia Options

    Good luck for you surgery x
  7. Ocean

    THR Slow recovery

    @zoemonelle1977 I had hard scar tissue around my first hip wound and I had to massage it really firmly, it took quite a while but it all evened out and now I can lay on that side. The hard tissue was making it very painful to turn on that side. It didn’t happen with my second scar though.
  8. Ocean

    THR Ocean’s second hip recovery

    @Eman85 I don’t purposely count steps but they’re on my phone so I like a quick look. I have to walk with my autistic son because it’s part of his routine, we taught him to like the simple things in life. Luckily the physio has an autistic family member and understands that I must keep my son...
  9. Ocean

    THR Megsmum75's Recovery

    @Megsmum75 my husband is taking flucloxacillin at the moment and they are difficult to manage because of the rules around having them on an empty stomach. Luckily he only has two days left of them. I hope you start to feel better soon.
  10. Ocean

    THR Ocean’s second hip recovery

    Yesterday was five months since my RTHR and today is eight months since my LTHR and everything is settling down a bit more. My hips are strong but all my muscles etc. in my knees and hip areas are taking turns to flare up while they are getting back into place after years of trying to support my...
  11. Ocean

    THR I did it! Hello to the new me

    Congratulations on your new hip, it’s amazing isn’t it.
  12. Ocean

    THR THR at 29

    Good luck for tomorrow x
  13. Ocean

    THR Worried about posterior approach

    I’d still recommend the grabber and sock aid but I’m glad that the physio gave you confidence.
  14. Ocean

    THR Things you wish you'd known...

    I think I was very well prepared because I’d read everything on here and got things ready. I wish I had known how amazing I would feel after the op, I didn’t know if all the bone crunching, sickening pain would go, but it did and was replaced for a while by not so bad muscle aches. My second...
  15. Ocean

    THR Diagnosed with bilateral acetabular protrusion at 37 - feeling a little lost!

    I went to a private hospital after I’d been on the NHS waiting list for three years. The consultant could access my X-ray, although as they were old I had more while I was there but as yours are recent it will probably be ok. It’s good to check with the secretary though. Good luck with your...
  16. Ocean

    THR Hockymum10's recovery

    I didn’t have staples I had glue and dissolvable stitches both times. The dressing was taken off on day 8 and I was told to use bio oil or E45 Straight away. I tried both and prefer E45. I also bought silicone gel but it wasn’t all that useful. I think the E45 stopped the itchiness and...
  17. Ocean

    THR 3 months in to a THR

    You are still healing at this point so I think your assessment of doing too much too soon is accurate. Try dialling it back and resting, icing and possibly some pain killers for a while to allow your body to heal.
  18. Ocean

    THR Hockymum10's recovery

    I had Codeine tablets and Paracetemol. It would be better to get a prescription before your pills run out so that you aren’t left without any. Everyone varies as to how much/how long they need painkillers. My first surgery, I only needed the paracetamol, didn’t take the codeine, whereas the...
  19. Ocean

    THR Hockymum10's recovery

    Did you have a letter to give to your GP? The letter will tell your GP what medication you’ve been given, so you can phone and ask for more. If it’s normal Senna it might be easier if someone can buy it from the chemist for you.
  20. Ocean

    Bilateral THR Anesthesia Options

    For my two surgeries I had spinal with light GA. The anaesthetist said that’s what she and the surgeon preferred but I could have sedation instead of the light GA. I went with the recommendation both times. I think if you tell the anaesthetist your worries about waking up during surgery they...

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