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    TKR Mouser's recovery

    Hi everyone hope you are all healing well. Just over 3 month mark now. Just curious if anyone else had a repair to MCL due to valgus along with TKR? My MCL was tightened and the tears stitched. I gave up my cane a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have pain on medial side. Just wondering if...
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    TKR Questions 8 months from surgery

    Mickimouse, you are not the only one. We have had a nice little stretch great weather here for November. I find myself wanting to go out and do something. Everything involves walking that I can think of. So I just sit here looking out the window. This will probably be the last nice weather...
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    TKR Oct21 TKR

    The first two weeks are challenging. I can assure you the pain will ease after that. Hang in there.
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    TKR Mouser's recovery

    Approaching 10 weeks in a couple of days. Will be finishing up PT the end of the week. Recovered well from overdoing it at week 8. Rom is at 0..120. I am feeling much stronger and my stamina has been improving each week. Swelling has decreased so much the past 2 weeks. Not much pain to...
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    TKR Mouser's recovery

    My ROM hasn't changed with the increased swelling. Getting to 119 with ease. Didn't use the weight and took it easy on the other exercises. Going to rest for the weekend and take some ibuprofen. Thanks everyone and happy healing.
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    TKR Panammaniac’s Recovery Thread

    You are doing great. Keep uo the good work.
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    TKR Mouser's recovery

    Thanks to all of you. I thought that us the case. I think the exercises in question are standing to sitting and stepping up one a 6 inch step. Also added 1 pound weight to my leg lifts. All 3 sets of 10. Will let you know what happens at PT.
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    TKR Mouser's recovery

    The last couple of PT visits they have added some new exercises. My knee is visibly swollen again. It seems more stiff as well. I only have a couple more weeks of PT. Should I tell them I need to back off a bit? Not sure if this is normal when adding new exercises. Thanks
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    TKR Questions 8 months from surgery

    Hang in there Mickimouse! At 8 weeks, I am finding it difficult to hold back on wanting to be more active. I usually have one thing I do a day whether it is going to pt, going to a store, laundry, or washing dishes. The rest of the time I am in the recliner icing. My knee definitely gets...
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    TKR Amy's RTKR Journey

    Good luck and remember the pain meds especially the first two weeks.
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    TKR Questions 8 months from surgery

    Sorry you are having such a tough time. Just want to send you a hug for comfort and healing. Please try not to let other's words get you down.
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    TKR Panammaniac’s Recovery Thread

    Hi Panammaniac, I also had an issue with low blood pressure after my surgery. At one point during the night they wouldn't let me out of bed. They pushed more fluids into me a couple of times so I was able to go home the next day. I also was taking 2 ocy every 4 hours. I did this for maybe the...
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    TKR Mouser's recovery

    At the 7 week mark as I write this. What a difference a couple of weeks make. My Rom is now 0-120. Sleeping is so much better now. I have even managed a couple of nights this week with 8 hours. Walking about 10 minutes or more depending on if I go to a store. Riding my exercise bike 7...
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    TKR Mouser's recovery

    Will be 6 weeks post op on Thursday. Saw the doc today and he is thrilled at my progress. He thinks all the exercises and riding my stationary bike really helped make my recovery better. His assistant says my knee looks like a 3-6 month pre op not 5 1/2 weeks. I have some clicking in the...
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    PKR JusticeRider’s rehab adventure

    Hey JusticeRider, Hang in there. The exercise bike has really help my ROM before and after surgery. Just take it slow and recognize the little improvements. Just think of how it was earlier in your recovery compared to now. I am sure progress has been made. Please try to focus on that when...
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    TKR Flashlight's Recovery

    Hey @Flashlight I have 3 regular pillows plus a body pillow on my bed. I find even the littlest shifts can reduce pressure on my knee. Try using the corner of the pillow under different parts of your leg. Sometimes it is my foot, shin, or even let my knee rest against it. I have yet to get...
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    TKR Cbet’s TKR Questions

    Good luck tomorrow Chet. You got this!
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    TKR Mouser's recovery

    So here we are in week 5. ROM is at 110-0 keeps improving every week. Had PA remove my steri strips yesterday. Crazy thing is I have had more pain in my knee since. Can really notice the spits that ate numb. Only taking oxcy at night and tylenol during the day. Finding it a little difficult...
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    Knee Scars - Post Your Badges of Honor Here! NO CHIT-CHAT please

    Finally got PA to remove the steri strips today. This is 5 weeks post op and I am thrilled with how it looks.
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    TKR Finemess Pre Op Questions

    I was in pt for about a month or so before the the doc determined I needed a replacement. I did my exercises and rode my stationary bike right up until surgery. I feel that has made a big difference in my recovery. Good luck to you.

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