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    THR 3 day countdown for THR : the sequel

    Thank you, that is what I was thinking but my mind gets ahead of me.
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    THR Question about showering postop

    I used shampoo caps and sponge baths for almost 2 weeks post op. My other best thing I bought was a portable bidet. I didn't realize what a life saver that thing was. 12 dollars online and it is awesome. Showering knocked me out exhausted for the first month or so. Good luck with your surgery...
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    THR 3 day countdown for THR : the sequel

    Hi all, Monday 12/19/22 is my 2nd THR after the left leg about 6 months ago. I'm so ready, my left side is 3/8 of an inch longer and even with a lift in the right shoe I still have pain in my lower back and along with the right hip practically fused in place by bone spurs. I can't walk to the...
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    THR Boxmaker's RTHR

    I just had my left hip replaced by Dr. Grandic as well and I agree with you 100%. He came to see me the day of surgery because of my leg length to explain to me why he had lengthened it. His PA had already explained it was because of my other hip has to be done as well. He came to tell me...
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    THR 1 week in groin pain and leg length

    Thank you, when PT came by yesterday I told him it was too much. I'm going to go at a pace that is comfortable for me. Thank you.
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    THR 1 week in groin pain and leg length

    Thank you for taking the time to reassure me. I'm trying to learn what I can. My PT doubled the amount of sets for the exercises on day three post op and the pain the next few days was worse. He's coming tomorrow, I'm going to tell him I think it's too much. I walk in the house as much as I can...
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    THR 1 week in groin pain and leg length

    I 50f just had my left hip replaced using the Superpath posterior minimal invasive method on 7/18/22. My leg was lengthened quite a bit because my right hip is also bone on bone so he had to be sure I was not going to be at risk of dislocation. My question is when I am laying down on my back I...

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