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    Need two shoulder replacements

    What I was told after having the surgery it’s not recommended to lift anything over 20 pounds over head and repetitive motions. with my job I’m constantly lift heavy items over head. I’m in the construction and maintenance field.
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    Need two shoulder replacements

    Thank you for your reply. the orthopedic surgeon is the one who didn’t recommend it because of my age. I also went to my primary doctor who told me not to get it done until I can’t deal with the pain anymore. also I’ve been with my employer for 23 years and if I get it done I wouldn’t be able to...
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    Need two shoulder replacements

    Hello everyone I’m new to this group just looking for some advice. For the people that had shoulder replacements what was the last straw that made you want to go through with the replacement. here’s my story in a nut shell. I got hurt at work went to the doctors did a mri doctor tells me I need...

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