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    TKR 9 years after R-TKR issues

    You started PT 18 days after surgery. Did you do exercises at home before starting PT, such as heal slides, leg lifts? A member of another site I'm on just had revision surgery. One thing they did was stretch her shortened tendons and muscles that were atrophied. Titanium knees are always larger...
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    TKR I’m cold!

    Some say I’m not doing enough while others say I’m doing too much. Most 3 month patients are walking blocks and are doing regular workouts. I barely do anything! Walking from the parking lot to the store entrance has me in tremendous pain. The pulling and tightness starts from 5 minutes after I...
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    TKR I’m cold!

    FYI, It’s a week after my L4 epidural steroid injection and I’ve had no improvement. It’s tight and painful from the center of my butt down the outside of my leg to my knee. The tip of my fibula is numb but also gets throbbing pains. I’m numb and tight from the middle of my knee to half way...
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    TKR I’m cold!

    I did PT twice a week for eight weeks but did moderate exercise daily. I saw my surgeon at eight weeks postop. He told me I did not need any more PT because I have ROM as high as 134 but 129 at my last PT. I told him about the numbness and pain I still had and how walking was awful and that I...
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    TKR I’m cold! Please tell me if your pain ever went away. I’m at a tact timing as you and I still have a lot of pain. I’m having a hard time dealing with it and I’m looking for hope.
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    TKR I’m cold!

    I want to thank you all for your responses to my comment about PT and weights. The amount of pain I have, particularly behind the knee, when pain meds wear off tells me that I need to allow more healing before going to the next step of strength training. I’m going to listen to my body. Thank you...
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    TKR LTKR nearly 6 weeks out- Questions and concerns about PT

    I am currently at 6 weeks and I too struggle with the best way to do PT. It’s been a few weeks since you originally posted so how are you doing now?
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    TKR I’m cold!

    I am currently at 6 weeks and I too struggle with the best way to do PT. Yesterday my physical therapist said it was time to begin to work on strength. (Perhaps because I told him my leg feels weak). We used a lightweight on two exercises and a band on two exercises. I expected to be sore today...
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    TKR I’m cold!

    Since surgery 6 weeks ago, I’ve been really cold especially when I’m in pain. After PT or if I’ve walked too much, I can actually shiver I’m so cold. I do warm up with lots of blankets, but it sometimes worries me. I take my temperature to make sure I don’t have a fever because that’s kinda how...
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    TKR I’m cold!

    So far, they’ve been good about it. I can’t imagine only one weeks worth of Percocet thanks for your comment.
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    TKR I’m cold!

    I’m currently on Percocet and Meloxicam. They work fine. I only have a few days left of Percocet. I’m trying to spread them out. I can’t imagine using muscle relaxers since the muscles are working properly as it is.
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    TKR I’m cold!

    I’m starting my 5th week. Is it normal to still need meds every 5 to 6 hours? I’m trying to extend the time between pills but I feel like it takes a while to catch back up. I’m fearful my doctor is going to quit giving me them. Do any of you still need pain meds on a regular basis at this time...

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