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    TKR Four Months Out and Still Can't Walk

    Just a caution , be sure they check for infection . That can cause pain and stiffness . l am glad you stopped the PT .
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    Knee Infection* Total Knee Revision due to infection

    Be careful with the vancomycin IV , l was on it as well for the same reason as you , the drug injured my kidneys , they got better a little after finishing the vanco but now l got diagnosed with CKD and was just referred to a nephrologist !
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    Arthroscopy Ice machine - cheap vs expensive

    l got one from the hospital when l had knee surgery for infection . It was paid for by my insurance . lt's about a $350 dollars one and worked great .l used frozen water bottles .
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    TKR Steroid injection for IT/Sciatica

    l just saw your post about sciatica pain ! l have had that twice and it's very miserable . The first time was after my TKR in 2018 .Same thing , painful from butt to knee . My daughter-in-law, a massage and acupressure therapist told me to lay on a tennis ball placed just below the waist on the...
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    Knee Infection* Total Knee Revision due to infection

    To get a repeat infection is my greatest fear! l had the 2 stage revision surgery for infection in April with the 2nd part done the end of June. lt was a horrible coarse. I don't know if l could go through all that again. l was given a hinged knee replacement, l understand that the tubes go...
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    TKR Still can’t kneel after 13 months tkr

    My TKR was in 2018 and l was never able to kneel on that knee . l had 2 stage revision surgery for infection this summer and don't think l will ever be able to kneel .
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    Knee Infection* Post Revision Implant Progress

    l have been through the 2 stage revision surgery for infection . Please read my story on this site . l just got the whole new knee replacement done on June 28,2022 . l was given a "hinged knee replacement " l am doing well now , but spent 3 months in a wheelchair , l couldn't walk after the...
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    Knee Infection* Post Revision Implant Progress

    Please see my story for a lot of information on IV antibiotic and revision surgery !
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    TKR Is this normal?

    l was lucky with my TKR and the 2 stage revision done 3 years later for infection . l don't remember ever being unable to sleep . Maybe that's partly do to having a low hemoglobin ? Seems l could fall asleep anytime anyplace . l did get a blood transfusion in the hospital because of low...
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    Knee Infection* TKR Infection 2 Years Out

    I had a similar experience 3 years after my TKR . l kept getting small bubbles or sores just below my knee cap . After treating it several times and then even a surgical clean out of the sore , it always came back after stopping the antibiotic . The orthopedic surgeon also told me that he was...
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    TKR New redness after TKR

    l had a similar red patch in the same spot just below my knee. Turned out after a year of treatment that the joint was very infected and the area below my knee came from that infection . lt seems the infection in the joint made a track down to below my knee and came out there as cellulitis and...
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    Knee Infection* October 20th original knee surgery, infection, October 31st clean up for infection

    l had an infection in my knee replacement , they actually took all the hardware out and put in a temporary spacer that l could not walk on . Then l was on IV antibiotics for 6 weeks , then almost 3 months later l had a second surgery where they put in a whole new knee replacement . So it was a...
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    Revision TKR Need knee revision surgeon recommendation for Austin, TX area

    l was referred to a revision specialist for infection , and he is from a very small town of just over 2000 population . The hospital was small , but the care was excellent . That is a well known surgeon in my state as well as the surrounding states . He did an excellent job and the hospital...
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    THR Lower back pain after THR

    Could it be sciatica ? When they do surgery they disturb a lot of nerves . I had terrible sciatica pain after my original TKR in 2018 , and then again this summer after my revision surgery . That pain started in my lower back and went down the back of my leg . It was so painful , l remember...
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    THR Feeling confused and very upset

    l am thinking that if they put all the surgeries scheduled while the dr was sick , next in line , they would have to reschedule all of the surgeries after that as well , to make room for them . That's a lot of reschedule work , plus a whole lot more people getting rescheduled than if they just...
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    Knee Infection* PT hates me

    Saw my PT for the last time yesterday . l tried to brag him up a little by telling him that the exercises and tips he gave me were very helpful (they were) , and i felt that my leg muscles have improved greatly , l asked for advice on going to my trip to Branson in a couple weeks as well as...
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    THR Sciatica flare up after PT

    Sciatic nerve pain is debilitating and hard to get rid of. I had it right after my second of a 2 part revision surgery. l had no problems with the knee replacement, but used the pain meds for the sciatic pain and it really didn't help much. l had a OT person who came to my house a that time. l...
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    PKR Please reply

    l would certainly see a revision specialist . My tkr knee replacement was stiff hot and painful from day one . lt actually seemed to get worse rather than better . Then l got the cellulitis around the knee area . They treated it several times but it always came back .Then l started getting a...
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    TKR A problem I have

    They usually use a wide tourniquet in the thigh area to stop blood flow during the surgery .
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    Knee Infection* PT hates me

    Well , l will be seeing the PT for the last time on Thursday . He had added to my exercise program to increase the resistance on the bike , elliptical and the weights l put on my leg when l do the leg lifts . lncreased the leg weight from 2 1/2 lbs to 5# .Lifted it just fine for exercise ...

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