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  1. hawk2go

    TKR Following My Instincts

    I would love to interview this doctor!
  2. hawk2go

    TKR 2nd knee, 2nd recovery

    You absolutely need every bit of that year for all those bone, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and such to heal. Some people are able to get back to "normal" sooner but healing is still happening.
  3. hawk2go

    TKR Trinket's TKR Recovery

    I think you're doing great for just over 8 weeks (whispering of a 52 week recovery timeline). Earlier in the recovery, I would ditch the cane early in the day and grab it later. I found that I consistently lost my good posture and my even gait when I was tired, and fatigue set in most in the...
  4. hawk2go

    TKR Hi! New Here - My RTKR Recovery Thread

    Ahhhh, what a great report. I love to read the "I'm getting my life back" posts. :yahoo: As for getting old, it's not for the faint of heart but definitely better than the alternative, hahaha.
  5. hawk2go

    TKR LTKR 10 August 2022 possum_here’s journey through recovery.

    I think at 6 months, I felt more normal but the knee was still the star of every event. Also, I could very easily land myself in the ODIC corner if I tried to really do "normal". There's still a lot of healing going on but you are well on your way. Congrats! :flwrysmile: What are you...
  6. hawk2go

    TKR The Good Knee...

    Hi @Suzanna. It's not unusual for aches to crop up in other body parts as we get adjusted to life with our new knee. I had to get the "good" knee (which was also very arthritic) shot up a few times during the LTKR recovery. With that said, if PT hurts roll it back a bit - you may simply be doing...
  7. hawk2go

    TKR March 8/22 RTKR Excited for the next step!

    I hope it went well. You and your story inspires me.
  8. hawk2go

    TKR No pain 2023 is now post op.

    I'm glad it all went well. Listen to Brooklyn and she'll treat you well. Here's a little healing chart that helped me understand where I was in my recovery and why I was experiencing certain oddities. I hope it helps you and Brooklyn, too.
  9. hawk2go

    TKR Recovery #2

    ... and me and probably several others :heehee:
  10. hawk2go

    MUA knee so stiff<<

    Jan 9th cannot come soon enough. Hang in there.
  11. hawk2go

    TKR A New Day

    Happy (?) AnKNEEversary. I know, it's been a year, whew. Come back and let us know what the OS says abut that consistent tight band.
  12. hawk2go

    TKR Panammaniac’s Recovery Thread

    Zingers sometimes pulled bad words from my lips :heehee: but I was happy about the reconnecting nerves.
  13. hawk2go

    TKR Michele's RTKR recovery journey

    What others have said is true, you do have to train your body to walk correctly. I have walked toes out all of my life. It seems my new knees don't have that issue but I have to remind myself to walk with my feet straight, even now. I think if you're limping, you should continue to use your...
  14. hawk2go

    TKR TKR Progress

    It's fantastic when you regain the things you love. I'm glad you're having a good time. :tennis2:
  15. hawk2go

    TKR 4 weeks out

    I agree that the meds should be managed by how you feel not how long it's been since surgery. Talk with you OS if you need more. I refused the instruction to take more pain meds before PT for the reason that @sistersinhim mentioned. Pain is a signal to stop doing what you're doing, without...
  16. hawk2go

    TKR Linz Recovery Journey

    I'm glad it's going well for you @Linz. It sounds that you've figured out what works well for you and that's so important. Keep at it. :yahoo:
  17. hawk2go

    TKR Michele's RTKR recovery journey

    This is why Bonesmart was so important to my recovery. What I could not explain to my healthcare team, friends, and family, this forum understood without much added detail. I also found comfort in linking arms with others in my surgery month as we "walked" one another through the journey. Well...
  18. hawk2go

    TKR Hi! New Here - My RTKR Recovery Thread

    If you're paying for it after, it was too much. Here's a quick chart on where you are in healing, 10 days is super early and it's easy to set yourself back if you push too hard.:
  19. hawk2go

    TKR Panammaniac’s Recovery Thread

    You're definitely getting there @panammaniac. We're rooting for you.
  20. hawk2go

    TKR 21 weeks and struggling

    I've had 2 Covid boosters and the flu shot this year. My OS sanctioned the vaccinations. With the 1st booster, I was super tired and even had some increased pain in my knee (which could be 100% unrelated, who knows). With the 2nd booster, which I got in one arm and the flu shot in the other...

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