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    THR RTHR - Knee Discomfort on 'Good' Leg

    Interesting how the body works. One thing hurts then turns out to be something totally different that causes the pain.
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    THR Recovery

    Hip replacement recovery is definitely different for each of us. From what I've learned on Bonesmart, for those who've had both replaced they often have different recovery experiences between the two. Having said that, my left hip replacement was very uneventful & I'd go so far as to say easy...
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    THR RTHR - Knee Discomfort on 'Good' Leg

    Interestingly, before my left hip replacement my left knee bothered me & I was afraid that too would need to be replaced. My right knee, which I had replaced in 2020 was solid with no pain.0 now, almost 5 months post op, my replaced hip doesn't hurt at all. My left knee now does not hurt at all...
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    THR 3 months in to a THR

    Even though you feel 100% your really not. Still have lots of healing to do but these hips are deceiving. I too felt 100% healed at 3 months....until I got overzealous. Then the hip would send a reminder. Of course I'd "forget" & do it again. Lol Just take it a little easier. I'm pushing 5...
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    THR MAKO THR scheduled for February 2023

    I had Mako Robotic with the Stryker hip. I think few have been more frightened of this surgery than me. It was a waste of energy. Surgery went perfectly and the hip has fantastic rotation totally pain free. Mako gives the surgeon precision placement. My surgeon thinks it's the best thing since...
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    THR Pants

    I had to stop meloxicam just for my surgery and one month after. Then I was allowed to go back on it but I chose not to. I take an Advil now & then but don't want to be on the stronger meloxicam daily anymore
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    THR Week 3 exhaustion

    The fatigue is definitely not a fun result of major surgery. With my knee replacement it seemed to last forever. At least a couple of months to varying degrees. But with my hip it wasn't nearly as bad. But however long it lasts it's a small price to pay for the end result. At some point your...
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    THR Two years of building the courage, finally on the other side!

    Thank you Layla. Trying to get used to my new normal of only one dog. Starting to walk a few steps without crutches! Using weights on a few exercises. Working on the "guest list" I'll invite to the day I throw these crutches into a barrel fire! Lol
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    THR Upcoming Hip Replacement - Feeling nervous!

    I was terrified of this surgery. Took me two years to build up the courage to schedule it and I had to force myself not to back out right up until they were wheeling me to the operating room!! Once in my room I had minimal hip pain. Much less than I expected. It was my knee that was very...
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    THR MAKO THR scheduled for February 2023

    Welcome to Bonesmart. I had a RTKR in August 2021 using Mako Robotic and Stryker knee. LTHR October 2022 also using Mako Robotic and Stryker hip. Both are doing great. The hip especially feels exactly like the hip I was born with before it became arthritic. As others said you'll need a CT scan...
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    THR Got back on the horse

    I can only speak for my own PT experience/needs, we are all totally different in what we need. The one time in my life I will totally agree PT was absolutely necessary & beneficial was a severely fractured ankle from a softball injury. 3 months in a cast & 4+ months intense PT. Could never have...
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    THR Two years of building the courage, finally on the other side!

    I'm going to just stay with where I am since they all seem to have similar hours. Right now I just want to get going again because as you know, I'm not actually going to PT to rehab my hip but to strengthen my legs which had two years of minimal use. They had been feeling noticeably stronger and...
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    THR Don’t know why I worried so much

    @Nanny7 That paddle board sounds like the best physical therapy possible. Strength and balance training. And great fun.
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    THR Got back on the horse

    These hips are really something. I'm a little over 3 months out and I rarely think about the hip. There are times I get a little over zealous and it will twinge or get a little sore but that's pretty few & far between. Hips are nothing like knee replacement. Even though my knee does what it's...
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    THR Two years of building the courage, finally on the other side!

    Losing a dog is so difficult. We've been spending a lot of time with our blue merle & its definitely helping her. Never got to PT last week so I've been out 1 month now. Their website hours say they are open until 8pm three days so I figured that would make it easier for me. So I called to...
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    THR Two years of building the courage, finally on the other side!

    Hi Layla. My progress has backtracked a little. I've not been in PT or done home exercise for three weeks. My dog had been on a rollercoaster of one day good the next day not so much. She ended up taking a turn for the worse last week and we had to let her go January 17. Needless to say we are...
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    THR 5 hours post op

    Small hospitals are so much better. The hospital I used was 200+ beds, not sure if that's considered small but they had a separate orthopedic section of only 14 beds. All private rooms & bathrooms. Spotless clean & none of the noise and hustle/bustle of a general hospital room. They do wake you...
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    THR second hip and thankfully the last

    Wow! What an unbelievable experience you've had. Made my heart hurt. Please keep us posted on your Dr appointment
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    THR Two years of building the courage, finally on the other side!

    @HollyNY I never thought the highlight of my day would be able to go to a different room in my house but here we are! Lol
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    THR Two years of building the courage, finally on the other side!

    @Elf1 Imagine that? Haven't been in my kitchen in two+ years. Good Lord. Lol. Been a long road. But the stove really is nice. Its got a double oven, upper & lower. Really nice.

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