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    THR RTHR Recovery - UK - 65 year old woman

    If there is an LLD, it seems in many cases to resolve with time and strengthening of the muscles. I have watched my own LLD decrease, and I'm hoping that after six months, both of my legs will reach the ground together! :loll:
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    THR A New Ride Begins - The Puckhead's recovery

    Lord, I remember my partner sitting on the floor, trying to get those heinous TED stockings on and off of me. They are truly the worst, right @Mojo333? We had a ceremonial tossing-in-the-fireplace when I was done.
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    THR Here we go again

    Hey, @hopnfox, I remember you from last time around! I had my first hip done a month before you in 2020 and the second done this past September. Good luck Monday!
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    THR BeachGal is back! #2 Done!

    I hear you, @beachgal. After having our hips front-and-center in our minds for so long, it’s kind of surreal to not be thinking about them. Your trip to Italy sounds divine — you’ll have a wonderful time, I’m sure.
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    THR An Opportunity to Enjoy Life Again

    Wondertul update. You’ve demonstrated how important it is to do your homework, be prepared, and have confidence in your surgeon. That’s the formula for a successful recovery, I suspect. Wishing you a smooth recovery. Just take it slowly!
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    THR Arrived

    My surgeon was on the three month rule. I could swim now if I wanted to, but it’s about 20 degrees out. Oh, well…
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    THR Woodstockhip’s Recovery Thread

    Hey, @DK63, @Rebelguy, @beachgal and other fellow hippies (or are we hipsters these days?) — thanks for the notes. Yep, about to start month #5. I was walking yesterday (about a mile and a half, which is a good distance for me at this point) and realized I had no idea where my heating pad is...
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    THR BeachGal is back! #2 Done!

    Hooray!! I'm glad you are here to celebrate our anniversary. I saved a piece of cake for you. It's been a pleasure sharing the ups and downs (and not just the stairs) with you over these past months and I look forward to hearing about your continued healing as we enter a new year with our new hips.
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    THR Woodstockhip’s Recovery Thread

    Three months today! I’m doing just fine — had a wonderful Christmas in a rather deserted, but freezing cold New York City and was able to walk for stretches of about a half hour at a time with absolutely no after effects. I’m still stiff and a little achy at times but nothing like that horrible...
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    THR Merrimay's on the other side now THR

    @Merrimay -- I'm with you. I'm not going to bother with a bone scan since I wouldn't take the medicine anyway. Plus, when my surgeon was finished with my hips, he said that I had "good bone stock" which is good enough for me! As for the weather -- it went from 52 this morning to 12 presently and...
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    THR BeachGal is back! #2 Done!

    So sorry to hear you've been ailing! I'm sure this crazy weather doesn't help any. Watch out for falling iguanas -- or are they just in Florida? Hope you enjoy a quiet, stress-free Christmas.
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    THR Woodstockhip’s Recovery Thread

    Thanks for asking, cuz @DK63. An hour in the car, a 15 minute appointment telling me I"m doing great and another hour back. The PA strongly believes that ultimately, I’ll be able to stand on my own two feet and my legs will be the same length. But it will take more time. I still get an ache deep...
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    THR Holly's Hip Recovery

    I had my follow up today, too. So happy for your good report. Bet that’s your favorite Christmas present!
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    Hip Infection* I am the Storm

    I had the reverse! When I woke up from open heart surgery, intubated, I went to yank the tube out (well, one would!) and the nurse swatted me! I wouldn’t give it a second thought. MOST nurses are compassionate and understanding. I just got me a doozy.
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    THR Two years of building the courage, finally on the other side!

    Yech, sorry you've been sick. I had a horrible cough after COVID so I feel your pain! But it sounds like you are making progress hip-wise, and that’s good.
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    THR 15 September Right joins Left

    @DK63, you're the best!
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    THR Ryan's Hip Recovery

    I found using my good foot to move the bad one around helped, as did a yoga belt. Doing things that seem like you “should” be able to do, like lifting your leg up while in a chair are difficult for most of us. But it will get better. You’re only three days in…heck, I barely got off the couch on...
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    The roller coaster begins...

    I was one of those patients who bought the “anterior is better” line….that is, until I met my surgeon. First off, I love this man. He defies the old stereotype of the “no bedside manner orthopedist.” Before I saw him, I checked out his practice’s website and learned that he was one of the...
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    THR Woodstockhip’s Recovery Thread

    @Bikeknit — great to hear from you. Sure I remember you from last time around. I expect you are right that knees and hips both work better in pairs. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a smooth recovery from your latest surgery.
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    THR 15 September Right joins Left

    Three months is quite the milestone! Congratulations from soon to be snow-covered Woodstock. From what it sounds like, no matter what your actual diagnosis is, resting would be the first line therapy anyway, so you're probably on the right track. Back to the couch and the ice packs. But yeah, I...

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