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  1. SusieShoes

    Spinal Block

    What Mary said: Your medical team will make sure your new knee (and you along with it) can handle going home and everything that goes with that. You will go up and down some stairs/steps at the hospital, so you will know how your knee does in that situation and how best to do it. You will show...
  2. SusieShoes

    Trying to decide what to do

    I had spinal anesthesia (along with a nice sleep-inducing tranquilizer) and woke up from surgery in no pain at all. The pain kicked in later after anesthesia wore off, but my pain was never horrible. The advice to take your pain meds every four hours, even if you're not having much pain, is spot...
  3. SusieShoes

    TKR Non opioid recovery

    Good plan! You’re giving yourself both a mental health and a physical break. :ok:
  4. SusieShoes

    Partial or Full - Getting conflicting Info

    About “feeling more natural,” I too can attest that TKRs can feel completely natural. I had bilateral TKRs and my knees felt stable and good right away. Feeling natural came a little later in recovery, but my knees feel that way now. Partials can be good for many patients. When they fail it’s...
  5. SusieShoes

    Bilateral TKR Thank you

    It’s true. My OS says walking is the best rehab, and he provides all his patients with a walking program. The goals are appropriate to stage of recovery. Though I did a few weeks of PT mostly to get out of the house, I focused on the walking. Just circuits around the house at first. At a month...
  6. SusieShoes

    Need info on the cost of the knee joint implants

    Don’t be afraid to talk to your insurance again about the implant being covered. It is possible you got bad information. That happened to me — not about the implant, but something else. I told my OS and they called the insurance. lol and behold, completely covered. The insurance rep who told...
  7. SusieShoes

    TKR The Mysterious Pilgrimage of NewKnee

    Sounds like you’re doing great! Sorry about the stomach problems, though. NSAIDs are brutal on the digestive system, and not too kind to the liver, either. The good news about Tylenol is that it works better on post-op pain than pre-op knee pain. At least, for me it did. With luck it will be...
  8. SusieShoes

    Bilateral TKR Thank you

    Hi Claud! I made icing my knees part of my daily routine for... months. Early on, ice helped with the pain, so I would ice for an hour every few hours. I didn’t ice at night, but I slept with my legs elevated on a foam wedge. I got to liking my icing routine, so after the first month, when I...
  9. SusieShoes

    TKR No Kneecaps and a TKR<

    NSAIDs are nasty drugs, but they can help, a little, with pain. When I stopped my Aleve before my knee replacement surgery, the pain got even worse. I’m sorry you’re having this pain again and am crossing my fingers your implant isn’t loose. That’s always in the back of the mind with the Attune...
  10. SusieShoes

    A new surgery date

    Only someone who has suffered painful, arthritic knees can grasp the agony of simply standing or walking a few steps. Gritting your teeth and bearing it only gets you so far. I admit I laughed when you called yourself “an oily but unbitten mess.” Quite the image, but totally understandable...
  11. SusieShoes

    I am not exactly a newbie but I am back!

    It’s good to have a plan of action. Doing nothing at all and saying, “Just learn to deal with it” isn’t much of a plan! I’m glad you found a surgeon to deal with your painful TKR.
  12. SusieShoes

    Stairs after surgery

    This forum is a wonderful resource. I found it pre-op also and knowing what to expect, and being able to prepare ahead, took a lot of the stress out of my recovery.
  13. SusieShoes

    Tub seat?

    A bath bench was a life-saver (well, cleanliness-saver) for me. My bench had two legs outside the tub and two legs in the tub. It was easy to sit down and get both legs inside, then enjoy my shower. I used a hand-held shower head and was happy to have that. You may find it difficult to stand...
  14. SusieShoes

    MUA DebP's recovery thread<^

    It's a trap. Thinking you need to push yourself harder is one of those things that seems like it should work -- it's worked before -- that doesn't. If you study harder, you get better grades. If you work harder, you get promoted (or so we're promised). If you speed up, you get where you're going...
  15. SusieShoes

    Am I crazy.

    @Mylexigirl. :friends: You'll find plenty of support here. You do have the strength. What gave me courage going into the surgery was the vision of myself walking normally again and playing with my grandchildren.
  16. SusieShoes

    TKR Night time pain

    Hi @Papabear47 and :welome: to BoneSmart. I'm glad you found us. The nighttime pain you describe is totally normal... and there are things you can do to help with it. What Lindylee said was also true for me. I elevated my legs at night and slept with my legs elevated all night. Doing so really...
  17. SusieShoes

    TKR Coming along<<

    In my case it could be because I had both knees replaced, but I've had this discussion with quite a few members. The first months to a year or so after my TKR, I noticed my balance was... off. Not bad. I was perfectly stable on my new knees, but some things just threw me off. At first, the...
  18. SusieShoes

    TKR Range of Motion decreasing<

    I also have high pain tolerance, and often don't feel pain when other people would. For the most part it's a good thing. If you're not feeling pain, you don't need pain-killers. You're the envy of a lot of TKR patients! Pain is one of the main reasons people seek support and advice. As Roy...
  19. SusieShoes

    TKR Bunchgrass is tired

    You sure have an active life! I also wish I had you for a neighbor. :snow plough: For now I’ll hope you have a mild, relatively snow-light winter so you can spare your knee a bit. Any work you can delegate to other people for the next couple months will really help with your recovery. Whenever...
  20. SusieShoes

    TKR The Mysterious Pilgrimage of NewKnee

    I’m going to gang up on you about sorting out your stomach pain. I once had a lower abdominal pain I assumed was one thing and minor, and a few months later turned out to be something completely different and serious. Good thing my PCP caught it when I (finally) saw her. Your doctor might also...


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