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  1. Clipper

    THR Anterior Approach Walking Guidelines

    @djacksonsf - My PT measured my LLD at 2 cm (~3/4"). This caused my pelvis to tilt down on the short leg side, which caused the base of my spine to tilt from vertical. Th LLD also caused an up-down, up-down, motion in my gait. I had my short leg shoes altered by a shoe shop where they added...
  2. Clipper

    THR Clipper's Recovery

    @Lobogris I had a shoe repair shop add 2 cm to the right sole (the entire length, not just the heel) of several pairs of Crock sandals, so it's possible.
  3. Clipper

    THR Clipper's Recovery

    @Mojo333 - Thanks for the kind words! I see you're about to hit 3 years! Hope you are doing well. I considered bilateral but chickened out! Hope the recent tornadoes spared you. Good luck. Our ancestors weren't able to overcome hip OA and were left crippled. Hooray for modern medicine!
  4. Clipper

    THR Clipper's Recovery

    Hello @Layla ! Yes it's been 4 years since my left hip, and will be 4 years in Nov for my right hip. I still walk and exercise every day and my hips are one of the main things in my life I'm grateful for and I feel great. I see you'll hit 3 years in June for your right hip. Congratulations...
  5. Clipper

    THR Layla's Recovery

    @Layla - Happy Easter and God bless you for all the help and effort you give ti this forum.
  6. Clipper

    THR Clipper's Recovery

    @Lobogris - Ha! I'm also PADI certified and had 2 of my children certified also. Getting my shoe soles modified for my shorter leg has been very helpful for me. I'm grateful to be able to walk and I've walked over 1 1/2 miles every day since my 2nd hip surgery. The crippling effects of hip...
  7. Clipper

    THR Superpath recovery what to expect

    Hello @CLS - You seem to be doing great! God help you with 2 little ones to care for during your recovery! Good Luck! About LLD. A Leg length Discrepancy (LLD) can be determined by a qualified doctor, therapist, etc, who can verify a difference with a tape measurer. If one leg is shorter...
  8. Clipper

    THR Fiona UK recovery<

    @Fionna444 - I must say, walking over 4 miles in less than a month is very impressive! Great job!
  9. Clipper

    Hip Infection THR from hell

    @Fractured - Your posts are inspirational. Thanks for sharing and good luck!
  10. Clipper

    THR RearWindow's recovery thread

    What bones have you lost? What reason does your surgeon give for the swelling 6 mos post-op? I would certainly get some answers from him. No pain is a good thing! Good luck.
  11. Clipper

    THR Lyndam's Cable Story

    @Lyndam - That sounds very encouraging and we all hope the best for your recovery! Please keep us up to date.
  12. Clipper

    Hip Infection THR from hell

    @Fractured - That's a tough pill to swallow. I was hoping for much better. Thanks for the updates, keep up the good spirit, God Bless you and good luck!
  13. Clipper

    Hip Infection THR from hell

    Good Luck Fractured! Hope it all works out this time around.
  14. Clipper

    Spine New guy looking for spinal info please

    @Bound - Thanks for sharing and good luck. I wish I could offer a solution. Please keep us posted with your progress going forward. You're in our prayers.
  15. Clipper

    THR Pain and Fear Between Hip Replacements

    @HipHip2 - I'm pretty sure replacing your other hip will reduce your level of pain immensely based on what you post. You're lucky to be able to get the second replacement within a 3 month window. It will make a dramatic improvement in your life. I'm sorry you have to endure the temporary pain...
  16. Clipper

    THR Celebrex to prevent HO post THR?

    @tikismom - What you're doing at 9 days sounds like way too much. I walked a lot after my 1st THR too soon and my thigh swelled to the size of a watermelon. It took months of slow (very slow) increases in physical activity to regain ROM, strength, endurance, and balance. I suggest you slow...
  17. Clipper

    THR Celebrex to prevent HO post THR?

    @tikismom - any difference in weight between the new and old hip joint is negligible and will not impact your mobility. There are people jogging with replaced hips without issue. I prefer walking (everyday, weather permitting) but jogging is not a problem. My OS did tell me that running...
  18. Clipper

    THR Operated leg is longer

    @2ndTHR - I suggest you get your LLD measured and quantified by a trained professional. My LLD was 2 cm (> 3/4") and walking was an up-down up-down motion. The femoral head of the longer leg is at a higher elevation than that of the shorter leg which causes the pelvis to slope downward toward...
  19. Clipper

    Bilateral THR I’m far 2 Hip for these lousy joints

    Well, hopefully you won't wake up beyond the pearly gates (or worse) and regret that glass of brandy. Good luck - we're pulling for you!
  20. Clipper

    THR Bilateral changed to Single

    @Lea61 - Ha thanks for asking - this hurricane missed us thank goodness. You should be grateful for the fine support from your hospital staff! You are very lucky! Good luck and be patient for the 2nd hip fix. Hope the cortisone works well. I waited 7 months for my 2nd hip and I was much...


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