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  1. Scarab

    THR Scarab's Recovery Thread

    Hello everyone, Right THR on January 22. Had three instructional sessions of PT in hospital. Came home the next day. Since then have been virtually pain-free. Absolutely fantastic. Following all precautions - very gentle exercises, up and around the house every hour or two. (Ankle pumps...
  2. Scarab

    Waiting for one THR and the other goes bad as well.

    I had an unsuccessful arthroscopy of my right hip, and am waiting for a THR in April. Meanwhile, in the past week my previously asymptomatic left hip has begun to ache like crazy, with pain going down to my shins and feet. Hurts to sit, stand, pivot, bend - you name it, and actually hurts more...
  3. Scarab

    Hip Arthroscopy Recovery seems abnormally slow

    Hello, I am turning to this forum to see whether anyone else has any useful information. I had a hip arthroscopy on 8/28/18. The surgeon repaired a torn labrum, debrided the ligament teres, "cleaned things up," and lengthened the psoas tendon. Whilst in there he found arthritis, some of it...


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