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  1. rustic

    Bilateral PKR A hiker's new knees

    I've had quite a few big pops/snaps. Usually the pain subsided quickly, but the biggest one caused swelling and layed me up for two days. In every case, after the pain stopped, I felt like I had gained more mobility. Not just flex, but more easy to twist my lower leg back and forth. I'm not...
  2. rustic

    Bilateral PKR Swelling

    Yes, I had exactly that situation. To straighten my leg (sideways), they did "release" work on my MCL and that spot was one of the more painful places during recovery. I called it the "gopher hole" problem. Imagine shoving some loose dirt back into a gopher hole, using the inside edge of your...
  3. rustic

    TKR Getting back to hiking and climbing.

    Hey guys, It has been another two months since I last posted. I'm lucky that I can hike and mountain bike from home, without being around people, or even going to the highway. So, my plan for getting back into shape and undoing the atrophy in my leg is still on track. My last big challenge was...
  4. rustic

    TKR Walking, skiing, bicycling

    @DIYSteve Hey Steve, I'm still checking in once in a while. I don't have any ideas on your ankle bruising. Personally, I think that I'm still getting what might be little tears of scar tissue once in a while. I don't show bruising, but I get swelling that lasts a few days after each incident...
  5. rustic

    Bilateral TKR Bikinglynn's Recovery Thread

    I got decent flex (120-125) from the regular process but, months later, I had some serious massage of my mid thigh, while my leg was held in a moderately stretched position. Maybe eight sessions. For me this was a totally painless way to get an extra 10 degrees of flex.
  6. rustic

    Bilateral PKR A hiker's new knees

    Hi there, @Ready2HikeAgain Your title name caught my eye since I'm a hiker. I could have called myself "waiting to hike again" for much of the first year, because I had some problems. I'm doing great now though (16 months post op), and doing hikes that are considered quite hard/long even for...
  7. rustic

    TKR Getting back to hiking and climbing.

    Well, my "wishful thinking" (see previous post) seems to have come true. After I recovered from the mysterious "snap," everything got a lot better. I feel like I'm on a recovery path that should have started happening in the early months. Every week feels better. I'm cranking out some big hills...
  8. rustic

    TKR Getting back to hiking and climbing.

    Shoot. I had a setback of sorts. Tuesday (Jan 7), I hadn't done any sort of workout or anything new. Things had been going pretty well kneewise. I was in the gym locker room, before going to physical therapy (for my neck, not my knee). When getting up and stepping away from a bench, I heard a...
  9. rustic

    Revision TKR TKR Revisions 24 months after Original TKR

    Thanks for continuing to report. I've been following for a while. I'm 16 months post op, with pain that my OS has recommended RFA for. I'm delaying, giving me time to learn all that I can before deciding. Tech literature, as well as seeing how it works out for others. Your situation seems...
  10. rustic

    TKR Getting back to hiking and climbing.

    A new year! I started it off (yesterday) with cross country skiing. Six miles made it my longest ski jaunt since TKR. More pain than I hoped for, and it ached last night. But, I'm still headed in the right direction, ..I think. I hope everyone is on the mend, and has a good year.
  11. rustic

    Bilateral TKR Russian Blue recovery journey

    I did all of those things actually, and they all helped to varying degrees. Roller helped my sore IT band. My PT often massaged the whole side of my leg (sometimes with the use of a percussive massager, but not near the joint). With my own hands, I massaged that sore spot just above and behind...
  12. rustic

    TKR Can't straighten leg or walk eleven weeks post op<

    I hope that your improvement continues. Onward!
  13. rustic

    TKR Getting back to hiking and climbing.

    Glad to hear from you guys, @Recovering Andy and @WendyEL. Interesting to see you guys getting back into skiing. Not much new on my "home front." We had a big snow storm, which required leaving the vehicles in a non-drifting area for a week, and walking or snowshoeing back and forth to them...
  14. rustic

    TKR Getting back to hiking and climbing.

    Thanks for checking in with me @WendyEL. Like you (wendy), I've had some problems with my hip and sometimes biking made it hurt. But, I haven't been biking enough for a real test of that. Once in a while climbing, I'd get a sharp pain in my hip, but it could be nerve pain referred to my hip from...
  15. rustic

    TKR Getting back to hiking and climbing.

    I had my 13 month followup with the OS. Same old stuff. I'm in the top 10 percent for function and "fluidity of movement," but one of the problem people as far as lingering pains. I gave him an article about popliteus pain diagnosis (that is where the photo was from), and he read it with...
  16. rustic

    TKR Getting back to hiking and climbing.

    Not quite the same as what I was talking about in post #93, with the picture . My "mystery" pain is on the lateral side, radiating inwards. The top part of the upper leg in the photo. There are multiple possibilities that can cause pain at that "posterior lateral corner." LCL doesn't hurt much...
  17. rustic

    TKR 12 months and Strong

    Wow. Congratulations on that trek! Nice pictures as well. What was your biggest day in KM? Your average days were like my maximum is right now, but I am still improving.
  18. rustic

    TKR Unwanted... But much Kneedead TKR

    That is a wonderful photo in the park. Keep up the good recovery!
  19. rustic

    TKR POCTDB recovery thread

    You aren't kidding about the "maintenance as you get older" thing! My core is weak too, and I'm always looking for new core/back exercises. I'd be interested in hearing more details about those. Do you have some favorites?
  20. rustic

    TKR Increase of stiffness and back of knee pain<

    I think most people that feel good at one year are unlikely to have a serious problem that second year, but that is just my opinion from a statistical point of view and the people I know with tkr's (not a medical opinion or specific to you). In my case, just over a year, I have enough lingering...


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