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  1. beachcomber

    Could it really take two years?

    I am more than a year post-RTKR and getting ready to unwillingly retire from my teaching job because my knee just can't handle walking on concrete floors all day every day. It's warm to the touch, swells a lot and is painful. At my one year check-up my doc said he has had a few patients take...
  2. beachcomber

    TKR Done. And now the *real* work begins!

    Everything went fine, until the nerve block wore off early (during my first PT session) and things got rocky from there. Stayed an extra day trying to get adequate oral pain control. I don't seem to be able to fire my quadricep muscles properly. No straight leg raises, no short arc quads...
  3. beachcomber


    Have we heard from Jamie yet? I know she is deep in her drugged-up haze, but I am thinking of her and wondering how her surgery went. Anyone know? Beach
  4. beachcomber

    Back Again Five Years Later

    "Welcome Back" to me! A little over five years ago I found this website and it was a sanity-saver for me as I recovered from an unexpected PKR on my left knee. I see names of friends from those days who are still active here and I am looking forward to catching up and making new friends this...
  5. beachcomber

    Cymbalta for pain?

    I saw my primary care physician this week. In addition to the bilateral knee osteoarthritis I also have OA in my spine and something going on in my foot now too. I have an autoimmune disease that causes joint pain (not RA). I have felt well during the summer break from school and work--- but...
  6. beachcomber

    Has anyone heard from Sue?

    It is hard for me to keep up with discussions during my work day.... Has Sue been on since her OS visit on Monday? I can't find any posts from her and she hasn't answered my PM..... Anyone heard from her?
  7. beachcomber

    Study: check this out. Is it true for you?

    Today I was reading the Arthritis magazine I picked up at my OS's office and found an article that stated: "Index finger length points to arthritis risk" "A recent study found that people whose index finger is shorter than their ring finger are more likely to suffer osteoarthritis...
  8. beachcomber

    Chrondromalacia/Patellar-femoral pain

    Hi. I feel like i should introduce myself--- I am a 51 year old woman with a recent (almost 4 month old) PKR who has just been diagnosed with chrondomalacia (patellar-femoral pain) in my *other* knee. I am scheduled for an MRI next Tuesday to get more information to help with a treatment...
  9. beachcomber


    Hi all-- Does anyone have any experience with or information about successful treatment for knee osteoarthritis pain with acupuncture? I have heard of positive research on this but am wondering about real people experience? After my brutal week teaching on concrete floors and long...
  10. beachcomber

    Anybody else up?

    Oh, good grief. Here I sit at 3 months KR, wide awake and in pain. I took my pain meds hours ago--- almost time to take them again and they didn't help at all. I guess I "overdid" it again these past few days and it is catching up with me. I also forgot to take my anti-inflammatory meds...
  11. beachcomber

    Combed the Beach!

    Skeet conquered the stairs today and I "combed" the beach! For the first time in over a year I went to the beach today and went for a long walk, soaking it all in---- the pounding surf, the salt air, the incredible power of the ocean. I didn't come anywhere close to my old 3 mile power...
  12. beachcomber

    oh, my aching knee...... and hip?

    no, I am not "lost" and on the wrong discussion forum.. I am just wondering if any of you ever experience that deep ache we've all talked about in our new knees----- in the hip above your new knee too? Especially at the end of a long day or when you've been walking a lot and are tired...
  13. beachcomber


    I had the most amazing day. I am back at work, supposedly "part-time -- as tolerated". Last week was 52 hours....and I paid for it ..... but that was another story. *This* week I am trying to plan smarter and not over-do it. And something happened today that was absolutely amazing...
  14. beachcomber


    Ummm... I almost hate to bring this up--- but I haven't "done" stairs yet. I live in a flat house so it hasn't been an issue, but last weekend I got called up on a raised stage to receive an award at the culinary competition my students competed in and there were no hand rails to hang on to. I...
  15. beachcomber

    Back to School and starting new PT journey

    OK---- here I go. Back to work tomorrow (high school culinary arts teacher) and I also start my BACK PT to go along with my KNEE PT! Where am I going to find enough hours in the day for all of this? Saw both surgeons this week. All is well---I promise to be smart about my pain meds. No...
  16. beachcomber

    Going Down Stairs

    Does anyone know why going DOWN stairs is harder (well, for me, anyway) than going UP stairs? I am trying to decide if it is actually more painful or just scarier for some reason? What do you all think?
  17. beachcomber

    Gotten myself into trouble...

    Hello all--- From reading many of your posts I know others have been in a similar situation I find myself in. I've gotten myself into problems with the pain meds.... or rather the lack of them.....I am so discouraged tonight and rather than just sitting here crying I want to ask for your...
  18. beachcomber

    A double whammy-- PKR and lumbar diskectomy

    Hello, I am new posting here, but have "lurked" for a while and have found some helpful tips and a feeling of community that I would like to be a part of. I had a PKR on 12/21 and a diskectomy L-4/5 on January 17th. PKR for osteoarthritis.... diskectomy primarily for herniated disk causing...

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