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  1. sharalder

    TKR One month, the good and the bad<

    Thanks for the info, I will definitely take it easy on PT from now on. My date for My left knee should be 1/7/2020. I can’t figure out how to change it.
  2. sharalder

    TKR One month, the good and the bad<

    Good Morning, Im not sure if I need a new thread. My left TKR was on Jan 7th. The right was 5 years ago. I’m moving fairly well, I can walk around the house fine and did a little cooking yesterday. I had a Theripist come to the house on Monday and I was feeling so well she thought she needed to...
  3. sharalder

    2020 January Jackpots - Are you having knee surgery in January?

    I am back again. I had my right TKR 4/2015 and I will be having my left on Jan. 9th if all goes well. We changed insurance the first of the year and my Drs office says it should be fine but I haven’t heard from the new Ins. yet. I’ve needed my left done for a while but it was hard to commit to...
  4. sharalder

    TKR One month, the good and the bad<

    Good morning everyone, @Josephine just a quick update. Went to th OS on Wed. He felt my knee and said the pain is from bursitis and to continue with ice & elevate.also gave me cortisone.:shrug: Just wanted your thoughts....
  5. sharalder

    TKR One month, the good and the bad<

    @Josephine Thank you so much for your insight!! I am starting right this minute with the OTC meds and elevate and ice and I didn't do any excercising this AM. I will keep it up for a the next month at least and see if I feel better. It was such a relief that you didn't mention the word...
  6. sharalder

    TKR One month, the good and the bad<

    @Josephine, Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Here are my answers to your questions. 6 weeks: 1) At six weeks my pain was tolerable, I think a 5 or 6. Knee was very stiff first thing in the morning, and after sitting occasional sharp pains 2) Tramadol 1 or 2 per day and 500 mg...
  7. sharalder

    TKR One month, the good and the bad<

    Well, its been a while since I have posted anything so I thought is was time to write a 10 month update. Right now I am so disappointed in what is going on. I am still having pain and when I complain to my OS he keeps writing in my chart and says "I See". Then he says how good my extension and...
  8. sharalder

    Revision TKR Wberry knee is up<

    Sounds like you are doing very well, keep it up! It must be such a relief to have the surgery behind you. Take care:flwrysmile:
  9. sharalder

    Bilateral TKR 3½ months post op bilateral feeling frustrated

    Healing is just slow, but you seem to be doing well. Welcome and good luck with your continued recovery:flwrysmile:
  10. sharalder

    TKR 5 months post-op LTKR and still having unpredictable ups & downs.

    music lover, I am also at 5 mo and I keep thinking I should be better too. But it is just a long process, and everytime I feel pretty good I have to over do it(ODI club). Right now my new knee is okay, but I pulled a muscle in my calf and I am hobbling again. One of our advisors will be along...
  11. sharalder

    Second TKA in 9 months due to metal allergy

    Firefighter57, you have been through alot. I had not heard of the metal allergy before. Its such a hard surgery to recover from and you added problems. I am sure you will do very well now, good luck:angel:
  12. sharalder

    TKR Can lost ROM be regained

    Good To Hear you are finally getting that all cleared up. It must have been terrible to have your sleep interuped so often, take care. Sharon
  13. sharalder

    TKR PolarBear60's Stryker Triathalon Journey (Left)

    @PolarBear60, Thanks Jean for your updates. They sound very similar to mine if I would just remember to post them:thankyou:. I had the cortizone in my left knee and also the Sinvisc(sp). They have helped! I hope yours lasts for your trip:yay:. I liked your story about your kitty and you on the...
  14. sharalder

    TKR One month, the good and the bad<

    @PolarBear60 Thank you for the response. I have to keep reminding myself that our journey is slow:(:whistle: I have a new issue this week. You said your calf muscles were sore, mine too. But suddenly my calf now is so sore that I am hobbling around on it. I also had my feet swell up this week. I...
  15. sharalder

    TKR One month, the good and the bad<

    @PolarBear60, Hi Jean, its been awhile since I have posted anything. I know you had your surgery close to mine and I'm wondering how you have been doing. It has been 5 months and I was hoping at 3 I would feel close to back to normal, but it is not the case. My tight band stiffness is about...
  16. sharalder

    TKR One month, the good and the bad<

    I was back to my OS today for a follow up. It has been 16 weeks now and I told him I am still feeling so stiff after sitting, especially at work. I do try to get up often and also take several walks to our warehouse everyday just to stretch. OS said my bend had not changed in 6 weeks and the...
  17. sharalder

    TKR So much harder than I expected

    @MidwestTKR, I had my RTKR just about a week before you. I too had very bad valgus, my leg looked deformed from the back, but it did not hurt as bad as the left one. My OS said if we didn't do that one first it would be very hard to straighten if I waited much longer. I believe that is the...
  18. sharalder

    MUA Tigz's Lessons in Patience

    @tigz Quite the challenging recovery, isn't it? I wholeheartedly agree!!! Don't the muscle relaxers help with your sleep? For a while I was taking Zanax at night and that helped a lot. Now I just take the Naproxen and an occactional Tylenol PM. I was back to work this AM and PT after work. I was...
  19. sharalder

    MUA Tigz's Lessons in Patience

    That sounds like a good schedule for next week. I'm on my 3rd week of short days and a 4 day week. So far so good. But like you I'm so stiff and ice and elevate at home. Have a wonderful Friday and hope your sleep gets better soon!:sleep:


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