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  1. Nick-UK

    TKR Second time lucky for LTKR

    Back once more Scheduled for a LTKR on the 23rd Feb which was postponed when they discovered an issue with my blood. This has now been resolved and I am rescheduled for 9th June. This forum was a wealth of information when I was preparing last time and am optimistic i will be to the post-op...
  2. Nick-UK

    Left TKR - Waiting for haematology

    This is a restart of my old thread but with my new user name. See the thread by NickUK for previous comments. Hi, quick hello from Milton Keynes in the UK. Just back from a referral and have been informed I am booked for a Left TKR on 23 Feb 18. My first replacement although 15 years in the...
  3. Nick-UK

    NickUK/Bionick is now Nick-UK

    Had a bit of an issue with my account so had to create a new one. The admins are going to try and attribute my previous posts to me but not sure if they will be able to. NickUK is currently a 72 year old Australian woman, who said you cant have secrets on the internet! I have no access to the...


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