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    Take Them a Meal

    People have asked me what has been the most important thing that has helped my recovery, and I can say without a doubt that it has been the website One of my friends set up a schedule for my family; a meal is brought to us by a friend on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Once...
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    TKR Ten Days On the Other Side

    Hi Smarties, My RTKR was on March 27 and I am 10 days on the other side now. I wanted to chronicle a few things about my road to recovery because, as I was reminded many times on the Pre-Op site, this process varies greatly from one person to another. I was discharged from the hospital on...
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    Tomorrow 3/27/12 8AM

    Yes I am scared, but I am tired of living my life in pain and letting this bum knee dictate what I can and cannot do!
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    Just joined today

    I have been following this site for the two weeks since I schedule TKR. My surgery is March 27, 2012. I am concerned about my prospects for recovery because of several issues. I have a fused ankle on the same leg as my TKR (said fusion being the cause of the wear on my knee joint), that leg is...


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