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    TKR Panammaniac’s Recovery Thread

    Looking good!
  2. shr

    PKR JusticeRider’s rehab adventure

    If nothing hurt when I got up in the morning, I'd think I was dead. I do some mobility exercises and things are better. If something isn't I watch it to see if I might need to change something. We're in this for the long haul.
  3. shr

    PKR JusticeRider’s rehab adventure

    Guilty as charged. In the months prior to my first knee replacement I noticed a number of imbalances and compensations but the most significant was putting most of my weight on the stronger leg.
  4. shr

    Revision TKR A little nervous

    Something that I've found helpful is backward walking someplace where there no tripping hazards. Working up to 10 minutes a day will strengthen the vastus medialis (front thigh immediately above the knee) which is important for knee stability.
  5. shr

    TKR Steve's LTKR 2022.07.18 Recovery

    Thanks JusticeRider and EalingGran. I've had a physical training habit since I was 16 and have found that strength comes back after a layoff faster than endurance though I'm starting to see progress there as well. I believe it really does take about a year for a full recovery but feel like I'm...
  6. shr

    TKR Steve's LTKR 2022.07.18 Recovery

    Well my left knee had it's six month anniversary a couple of days ago and it's doing great! I had my 72nd birthday earlier this month and I have a habit of doing birthday testing. This year it was deadlift singles up to 320#, a couple of pullups, 70 kettlebell snatches with a 44# bell in 5...
  7. shr

    PKR JusticeRider’s rehab adventure

    Good status report. My six month anniversary is this week so I should do one. You've inspired me.
  8. shr

    TKR Still can’t kneel after 13 months tkr

    I think the ability to kneel post-TKR is a function of motivation, willingness to tolerate a bit of discomfort and practice. At least that's been my experience. If you have a desire or need to kneel you can get there with practice but you will have to accept some discomfort in the process.
  9. shr

    TKR TKR on 8/8/22

    Certainly wouldn't hurt to discuss this with the surgeon's office.
  10. shr

    TKR TKR on 8/8/22

    I'm almost 6 months out from my second knee replacement and the pain comes and goes. About 3 weeks ago I got into an awkward position preparing to do Ab Wheel Rollouts and something around my new knee popped like a bowstring, think it was the IT band but not sure but it's better now. This...
  11. shr

    TKR ski_bum's Recovery Thread

    PT and massage can help if this is the case. Good luck!
  12. shr

    PKR JusticeRider’s rehab adventure

    Looking good! I'm glad that you had an uplifting ride.
  13. shr

    TKR Runningfree’s Recovery Journey

    Sorry to hear about your heart issues. Good luck at quickly getting back into PT. I'm a month ahead of you after my second knee replacement and my knee is still painful and stiff at times. One just has to be patient and keep moving.
  14. shr

    PKR JusticeRider’s rehab adventure

    I'm a frequent flyer in the Over Do It Club though I try to keep things fairly reasonable. This is my second TKR and I know that full recovery is about a year and while things get better over time it's not a linear progression and when I push things too far I just need to lick my wounds and rest...
  15. shr

    PKR JusticeRider’s rehab adventure

    Looking good!
  16. shr

    TKR Steve's LTKR 2022.07.18 Recovery

    I saw my surgeon yesterday. X-rays of my knees looked good and he was happy with my ROM. I won't need to see him for about 5 years unless new issues arise.
  17. shr

    TKR SkiBum's recovery

    Best of luck with this. Might want to stick to the bunny slopes at first. As I understand it the ligaments are relatively slow to heal so you might not have much margin.
  18. shr

    TKR 2 Weeks Post RTKR

    Looking good!
  19. shr

    TKR TKR on 8/8/22

    Sorry to hear that you're still in this much pain and praying that it will subside soon. At over 3 months post TKR I'm still have some pain but fortunately it's manageable with movement, icing and elevation so no medication for it. My brother and I joke that if we awoke without pain we'd think...
  20. shr

    PKR JusticeRider’s rehab adventure

    In some ways we are more fragile after a joint replacement but we needn't be fearful of it. “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will...

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