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  1. barbloki

    THR How were you at 4 weeks post op? (Anterior THR)

    Hi @llurbs I am doing very well. I turned a corner last week. I've been going to PT twice a week and one session was extremely hard. I couldn't move for 4 days but on the 5th day I woke up feeling good and strong. I guess I just have to push the muscles to the edge and feel the tightness for...
  2. barbloki

    THR I finally did it! I’m on the other side!

    Hi @Gettysburg You and I are at about the same recovery time, 7 weeks. I'm on week 2 of outpatient PT and they are very slow and gentle with me and always asking if I have pain. I'm starting to realize that I don't need to feel pain to make progress. I don't need to push too hard. Yes, I do...
  3. barbloki

    THR 5 weeks post op

    You just described me exactly during the first few weeks (I'm on week 7 now). And YES on the xray. Hubby took me on week 3 to see the surgeon for follow up and he showed us the xray. I was shocked to see that metal thing going down into my leg bone! I try not to think about what I saw. I'm a...
  4. barbloki

    THR Replacement hip confusion

    Hi @Holiday I'm just now seeing your message from July 30. I hope you have made a few steps forward since then. I said to my husband on week 5 that I feel like I'm taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back. The pain at 5 weeks was worse than the first week. Everyone here reminded me that this...
  5. barbloki

    THR 5 weeks post op

    Hi @Cmoon I had outpatient PT yesterday and was also told to start putting full weight on both feet when I walk and also when I stand up. I've been doing the thing they had me doing in the hospital... right leg out straight and stand up with left leg. I've been doing that for 6 weeks! PT...
  6. barbloki

    THR My first post

    @Klassy thank you for the pep talk. I'm so glad I found this group so I don't have to figure things out on my own. THANKS!
  7. barbloki

    THR How were you at 4 weeks post op? (Anterior THR)

    Yes @llurbs !! I am also an all or nothing type person. My friends says to me "you are a 'relax about nothing' person." I don't know how to relax. I've always been a do'er so this resting/recovering thing is not for me. I can't find a comfortable position to sit or lay but standing and...
  8. barbloki

    THR My first post

    @Layla Thank you for reminding me to take it easy. I know I have absolutely been overdoing it and pushing myself to keep moving. I just feel like such a slug laying around doing nothing. I love this group! -Barbara
  9. barbloki

    THR How were you at 4 weeks post op? (Anterior THR)

    Hello @llurbs Let me just say you are NOT alone. I've been whining all week about how I feel like it's getting worse instead of better. I'm at 5 weeks 4 days post op. I'm lonely and impatient for my life to get back to normal and I wonder if it ever will. Coming here and reading tonight has...
  10. barbloki

    THR 5 weeks post op

    Wow @Cmoon It sounds like you've been through the ringer! I'm so sorry. I stumbled on this group after my surgery and it really helps to read what others are going through and to know that this is not just a simple procedure we had done. It was major surgery and it will take time, a LOT of...
  11. barbloki

    THR Pain After THR

    Hi @Alice D I just read your post and felt like I was reading my own story. I am 5 weeks 4 days post surgery and feeling the same way as you. I came here tonight to read and find support. I'm having more swelling today than I have since the first day of surgery and from reading everyone's...
  12. barbloki

    THR My first post

    5 weeks and 4 days into this. My hip is very swollen and starting to hurt more than it did on week 1. I'm wondering if this is normal. Still having the crying spells and feeling cooped up and lonely. I did start walking more and driving this week. I wonder if I'm overdoing it. I came here to...
  13. barbloki

    THR 1 week in groin pain and leg length

    Hi @TysMom09 Welcome to this awesome forum. I'm no expert as I just had my right hip replaced 3 weeks ago today and am still recovering but from everything I have read on this forum... too much PT and too much exercise too soon is not a good thing. We need to rest, elevate, and ice. Then...
  14. barbloki

    THR My first post

    Yes, I have to sock thing with the 2 handles. I think I'm going to fill my socks with lotions and slide them on. My feet are getting dry and cracked and I haven't figured out a tool for putting lotion on them. I'm using the long handle sponge to lotion up my legs and that works great. I love...
  15. barbloki

    THR My first post

    I feel like I turned a corner. Today is 3 weeks from my surgery and I am walking pretty good with a cane. Home Health PT says next week she will release me to go to outpatient PT. I'm still having the "poor me" crying spells for no reason and I'm bored but I know now that it's a long slow road...
  16. barbloki

    THR My first post

    @Layla I got the RMS hip kit from amazon and use the long handle blue sponge for applying lotion. I tried the sock device today because for some reason my feet are freezing. I assume that is another "normal" side effect. I tried to do my walking in the driveway...
  17. barbloki

    THR My first post

    Oops, forgot the link to the hip kit:
  18. barbloki

    THR My first post

    Yes, lizard skin. That is exactly what it was starting to look like. I was thinking I will need to put something on the scar once the steri-strips fall off. Vitamin E and Vitamin C both sound good. This is the hip kit I bought and I use the long handle sponge to apply the lotion. Works great...
  19. barbloki

    THR Ready for THR!

    Hi @Zoebichon Do you know how long before we can sit in a regular chair without arms or use a toilet without arms? I hope you are doing well. You had both hips done at the same time? That sounds brave to me! Barbara
  20. barbloki

    THR July sparklers

    @Gracie57 How are you doing? Tomorrow is the big day. Are you ready? I hope all goes well and we see you here in a few days. Barbara

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