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    THR Advice please for groin spasms

    I just wanted to say that I had some pretty bad groin pain after my hip replacement, it started one day and kept up (about 3 weeks) until I made a doctor's appointment, and then disappeared. Then I got a pain in my upper thigh which did the same thing. Now I have got a lot of pain in my...
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    THR 5 weeks post op

    I have over done things myself and had to cut back on my exercises. I think we have to keep pushing ourselves slightly though, or as I have been told things heal but they heal the way they are and then you can't move any further. So you have to keep stretching it. I find I am always trying to...
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    THR Uneasy about surgery next week

    Hi, How did things go? Hopefully you are on the mend. I would love to hear how things turned out.
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    THR Advice for Pre-op Pain Relief?

    Hi, It is good you have a date set. I was in your situation - not fun! The shot of cortisone in the hip worked extremely well for me. The first time they went in from the side and it helped a bit but not for so long. The second time was from in the groin area, I believe, and it really made a...
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    THR Loving my hip, but not my knees

    I am thinking that perhaps just wearing my shoes in the house to do housework might help me walk better. I am using mostly just the cane now, after RTHP.
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    THR Bangradancer7 Recovery

    Hi, when I was recovering from hip replacement surgery several years ago, about a week after coming home I developed RLS in my leg, it was like an electrical buzzing going down my leg and made me want to kick. It was awful. It lessened in severity, but remains to this day. If what I see here...

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