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    Meniscus repair & Trim

    Meniscus bucket tears are pretty significant from everything I have ever read about them. I had two arthroscopic surgeries on my knee before I had it replaced several years later, but my meniscus repairs were done for medium deterioration and small tears. I’m kind of surprised that your doctor...
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    TKR TKR Progress

    Well that’s certainly a crapshoot! :flabber:
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    TKR TKR Progress

    @Jockette as always thanks for responding. I do believe my knee is still healing and plan to give it a lot more time. However, I am a bit surprised I’m not seeing some small gains in my ROM by now since I’m so active. I challenge the bend a little bit every day. It seems like once tissue...
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    TKR TKR Progress

    Overall, I’m very happy with my progress and activity level at 8 months post-op. I’m able to do many of the activities I love. However, my flexion still isn’t much past 100 degrees. I’m not overly concerned about that right now, because many of you keep saying ROM will come over time. However...
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    TKR TKR Progress

    I’m officially back on the tennis courts shy of 8 months post surgery (March 30). I did an hour and a half tennis drill. It wasn’t pretty, since my timing is way off, but the knee felt good. I’m trying hit more top spin so that’s throwing me off a bit too. This makes me sooooo happy! On another...
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    TKR My tkr saga

    Sounds like you need a revision specialist and a good lawyer.
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    TKR TKR Progress

    @Jockette that’s reassuring and encouraging! Sometimes it’s hard to ignore the lack of ROM because I do get mild reminders during my daily activities. Overall, I’ve been very happy with my progress. I like noting my progress here so I will have a record of my healing journey, especially should I...
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    TKR TKR Progress

    I’m approaching 7 months since my surgery. The most recent thing I have noticed is tenderness of the tibia below my knee, but I only notice that when I massage that area. Otherwise, it doesn’t bother me. I read the following and given I have been playing some Pickleball it makes sense: “Your...
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    TKR Skin Burning

    Were they human??!! :rofsign:
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    TKR Recovery Gone Wrong?

    My chiropractor has also encouraged this when I was having trouble straightening my leg and I do believe it helps.
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    TKR TKR Progress

    @sistersinhim my knee feels absolutely great today after yesterday’s bike ride. I’m so happy!
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    TKR TKR Progress

    Nearly 14 miles biking for the first time since my total knee replacement on March 30th. Hopefully, I won’t belong to the ODIC tomorrow. Felt good during the bike ride and after.
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    TKR TKR Progress

    @benne68 we are going to West Palm, FL. Hopefully, our resort didn’t incur too much damage. We ride bikes and usually play tennis, but may be Pickleball this year and relax on the beach and by the pool. I live in Michigan, so our weather is starting to turn cooler. Looking forward to the fall...
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    TKR TKR Progress

    I tried my bicycle again today and road it a small ways with minimal discomfort. I’m so excited about it! We will definitely be taking our bikes on vacation next month. I swear I can feel the healing in my knee every day. I definitely believe slow and easy it the way to go. Let your knee pain...
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    TKR TKR Progress

    Today I tried to see how my knee felt on my regular bike. I can make both the back and forward rotation, but there was definitely some pain doing it. I’m going to try moving the seat up on my recumbent exercise bike since the last time I used it I had no pain whatsoever. Hopefully, I can work...
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    MUA Please Help. What should I do

    Wow…nearly 20 weeks after TKR seems awfully late to have a MUA. I was under the impression they are usually performed between 8 and 12 weeks. I’m honestly shocked at how many surgeons perform MUAs after TKR. I’m beginning to believe MUAs are solely extra money makers for surgeons. I hope you...
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    TKR TKR Progress

    I decided to measure my knee today to verify swelling is down and indeed it was. So I decided to give my recumbent bike another try. The last time I used it which was probably at least a month ago, I could do a full rotation, but not easily or without some pain. Today’s pedaling was easy peasy...
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    MUA MUA set back

    @Godbless I felt the same way as you early on. There is so much pressure from the surgeons and PT that we have achieve a certain ROM by a specific timeframe and if we don’t reach it by then, they want to force it. I’m at 5 months and my ROM hasn’t significantly improved yet. I may be at 100...
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    TKR Almost 2 years post op

    @Ace0611 above was your first ever post on Bonesmart. The dates (years) below you are indicating you had your surgeries don’t match up. Do you understand our confusion? Bonesmart puts your surgery information in your account profile/signature.
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    TKR Stiffness , pulling behind knee ?

    @LouKu I’m a little over 5 months out from LTKR and I still have some pain behind the knee, but it is getting better. Prior to my surgery, I walked with a 30 degree bend for a year and four months. I read where the new spacer creates stretch in tendons that have atrophied and that makes a lot of...

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