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  1. Majic

    How to change emailaddress

    I have just changed my email address I think. A message has now been sent both of mine Why has this happened and how can I stop it?
  2. Majic

    iPad user help

    Can anyone explain to me how to quote from a post in a reply on an iPad? On a computer I simply highlight the passage, but how do I do this on an iPad? It happens occasionally by accident but I can't seem to do it on purpose. All replies will be gratefully received.
  3. Majic

    Message - you do not have the right to post on this thread

    i am trying to reply to a new thread by a new member, but an error message appears saying that I do not have the right to post on that thread or to view it. What can I do?
  4. Majic

    Bonesmart App.

    i have downloaded the bonesmart app onto my iPad, but when I open it I can't get to the forum, or see if I have any alerts. Can you explain what I am doing wrong, or how to find the forum from the app.?
  5. Majic

    Lost user name & password

    I can't remember my user name and password. How can I recover them? I used to just reply to email alerts, but now I no longer get them. I am accessing by searching for old ones, but my iPad deletes messages after a while, so soon I shan't be able to get to my posts. Please help.
  6. Majic

    I don't get email alerts any more

    I used to get an email whenever somone posted on my thread or when people I follow posted this doesn't seem to happen any more. What can I do to restore that function?
  7. Majic

    Help! Everything I try to post I get oops error message?

    I have written a post to three other members, but when I try to send it I get an error message which says I am not entitled to be on that thread. Please help as it relates directly to today. The thread is 'second knee in nine months'
  8. Majic

    TKR Can lost ROM be regained

    July 23rd is my day, my thread will be active from then.
  9. Majic

    Second Knee Replacement soon

    I had a LTKR in November 2014, and now have a RTKR scheduled 23rd July. Has anyone else had both knees at approx 9 months apart? If so have you any advice for me? I still have some pain under L knee, and top of shin. I am hoping this will go when other is done, as I wobble slightly when I...
  10. Majic

    TKR Post operation pain

    I had a LTKR on 4th Nov 2014, after 4 days lots of things went wrong, I had blood transfusion, intravenous antibiotics, 5 days of restricted fluids, heparin injections, and my whole leg heavily bandaged and splinted in what was called a cricket splint for almost 2 weeks. When I eventually was...

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