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  1. 60mom

    TKR On the other side!

    I keep trying to find them but can only find my pre-surgery posts. What am I doing wrong? Just wanted to update. Had my RTKR on Dec. 11th. At first I did so well in the hospital that I was ready to schedule my other knee. My pain was really not bad at all. Had a bunch of other problems...
  2. 60mom

    I get to have my surgery as planned!

    So my gall bladder looks fine and get to go ahead with my RTKR on December 11th. I am thankful I did not have to postpone but glad they took the time to be sure I was ok to proceed. But my ulcer is acting up from all the worrying I am doing. The ulcer is thanks to Voltaren and Meloxicam...
  3. 60mom

    Went for pre-op and surgery may get cancelled!

    :sad: On November 25th I had chills, nausea. Thought I had the flu! By Tuesday I started thinking gosh I haven't vomited or had diarrhea, so maybe not the flu so went to urgent care. They diagnosed me with a kidney infection gave me a shot of Rocephen and oral antibiotics. Saw my regular...
  4. 60mom

    RTKR is scheduled for Dec. 11

    I am scheduled for December 11th. My pre-op is the 3rd. I am starting to freek out and praying this is a right decision to make. I battled all summer long with this constant aching and just decided "why am I waiting". Made me feel I made the right decision when the surgeon looked at my x-ray...

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