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    Hi I've not been on here for ages been too busy getting on with my life pain free! I had my T.H.R on 5th Aug. 2010, & i've being great. However a few eeks ago i started getting a bit of pain, which settled afer resting for a bit. But a few nights ago I went for a walk and I was very sore &...
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    happy new year!

    :th_yahoo:hi all i've not been on here for a while, thought i would drop in & say hi. im 5 months post op. today, & im doing well, i was originally planning to have the op. this month but brought it forward, its such a good feeling to know its already done, & i can plan ahead again, instead of...
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    6 week check

    :wahey:hi all im 6 weeks post op tommorow, & had my o.p app with my consultant yesterday, he was very happy with me so its given me a boost. i have felt frustrated for a few weeks ,naturally being restricted with my usual activities, but this week i just feel i had made more progress, all of a...
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    cement r not?

    hi im wondering what are the benefits of a cemented hip replacement & an un- cemented hip replacement? & what would determine which would be best for the individual, just curious? melanie x :pzld:
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    when to reduce meds?

    hi all i know everyone is different, but i was wondering what is the norm for pain relief at 2.5wks post op? it sounds a bit silly but i decided to try & reduce my pain meds as i felt i was having less pain, but as my husband said thats because im taking the pain relief! i've been taking...
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    turning in bed!

    hi the last few nights i am catching myself trying to turn on my good side when im almost or completely asleep & have to stop myself. its another 4 wks until im allowed to do this all been well. i've put pillows in bed to try & stop me but im still doing it, im really scared ill actually go...
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    hi everyone i had a scare on wednesday at 12 days post op. of my LTHR. after doing a bit too much walking on mon. & tues. then wed went out for lunch felt a strange pain in back of hip & down side of thigh. had pain killers & lie down but it just felt worse as afternoon went on. to cut a long...
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    swollen tummy?

    hi everyone has anyone had a bloated swollen looking tummy after a THR? now i know i've let myself have a few extra treats this week but not enough to make me look 5 months pregnant!!! i do have I B S which flares up every now & again & causes my tummy to look like this, but wondered if the...
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    on this side at last!

    hi everyone can't believe im on this side, i got home this afternoon, i had my THR on fri 6 th. my blood pressure was very low for first few days, so i kept passing out, which was very scary for me & my husband & family who were there when it happened a few times. i had 2 units of blood on sun...
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    hi everyone Lots of you will know my date for my THR is aug.6th. i am so scared, i need to find strength from somewhere to get through this. I feel unsure if i am doing the right thing as i've had no pain the last 2 wks. all of those close to me think this is because i am so scared i've got into...
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    new appointment with my consultant!

    :jump:hi everyone some of you may remember last time i was on here i was planning on having my THR in january. well ive arranged an appointment for this afternoon with my consultant, & i've decided i am going to have the op as soon as he can do it. dont get me wrong i am still terrified but...
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    how long will i need help?

    hi I'm definitely getting very close to making an appointment with my surgeon to arrange a date for my THR. I need to make sure I have help in the house & with my two children who are 7 & 3. My husband has just started a new job & my family have arranged holidays already which is why I was...
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    need courage!

    hi, i just discovered this site a couple days ago & its great 2 hear from others who have been through or are going through similar situations. i was knocked down by car when i was 12 & had a frac neck of femur witch was pinned ,a while after pins were removed i was in great pain & barely able 2...

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