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    TKR Less swelling more knee buckling

    I am approaching 5 weeks LTKR post-op. I have been using a cane and walking has been good. Still on Norco 5/325 (2 every 6 hrs) for the pain/swelling. Started outpatient PT last week (3xwk) and have been getting great movement. I have been focused on rest, elevate and ice faithfully and...
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    Leg feels on fire

    Pain meds (2 Norco) at 11pm. Awoke at 2am for restroom break. Awoke at 5am for restroom break and felt electric shocks in thigh down to knee getting out of bed. Managed to get out of bed and pain gone. Used walker to head to bathroom and upon walking to return to bed leg felt as if it were...
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    TKR Strange new pain

    I am just over a week post-op. I have been very lucky to not have had much in the way of pain. I figured it was because off so much swelling (purple leg from the top of leg onto my feet). Had the staples taken out yesterday. This morning pain woke me up at 5am. Took 2 Norco, pain subsided...

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