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  1. hopefulm

    I'm baaaack!!

    Hello to all my Bonesmart Buddies! I had my RTHR in November 2014, and couldn't be happier with the results. Unfortunately, my initial xrays showed "end stage" arthritic changes on the right and "severe" disease in the left. After the right was replaced, and I could walk straight without...
  2. hopefulm

    THR Out with the old; in with the new! Hopefulm's Recovery

    Late night, awake again on my ice pack. . .decided to set up my recovery thread. Only about 36 hours 'til I awaken with a new hip. . .
  3. hopefulm

    How do you stay in shape before surgery??

    Today I am almost pain free. How? Coach potato all day with ice and almost no time on my feet. However, I need to move to keep my back from locking up, and to keep myself in some kind of cardiovascular condition. Walking has always been my primary exercise, along with the stationary bike, and...
  4. hopefulm

    Greetings - So glad I found you!

    So I'm just trying to adjust to my "Oh shucks " moment last Thursday - I went for an OS appt, thinking I would get a referral for PT, and maybe encouragement to lose weight & exercise more. . .I have a troublesome knee, previous arthroscopy, and a chronic sore back after lumbar laminectomy at...

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