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  1. Majic

    TKR Cycle again?

    @Orange Blossom All kinds of weird things happen after TKRs. I put it down to nerves having to recover. Pain also comes and goes. I was told not to try to reduce pain relief at night until I was fine in the day, as a lot of healing takes place during sleep. If you can't sleep at night...
  2. Majic

    TKR Cycle again?

    @Orange Blossom You are worrying about this far too soon. Once your leg is well healed and you can walk well, then start on a static bike. Put the seat as high as possible, then first try to pedal backwards. Once you can do that then try forwards. Don't despair if it takes a while to manage...
  3. Majic

    TKR Nana Moon's Shiny New Second Knee

    Hi Ann, It's good to hear from you again. Glad to hear your doing well, but I'm concerned that you're still having to attend a pain clinic. Why is that, do you have a different problem. I'm also in some pain, but none seems to be from the knees. After taking Alendronic Acid tablets, my...
  4. Majic

    TKR Can lost ROM be regained

    @Roy Gardiner Hi Roy, I know it's a long time since I posted. Things have looked up a lot. I have got most of the ROM back in R leg, not all in L one. I am dancing quite a lot ,walking a lot and swimming once a week. I still haven't risked my bike but hope to soon. My epilepsy drugs were...
  5. Majic

    How to change emailaddress

    I have just changed my email address I think. A message has now been sent both of mine Why has this happened and how can I stop it?
  6. Majic

    TKR Foot and toe numbness

    @GloomPreac Hi, my dates are underneath my signature, but in case you can't see them, that leg will be four years in November. I did have complications and had it immobiled for almost two weeks, which set me back. I suppose it was after the first 4/5 months, but then I had problems when my...
  7. Majic

    TKR Foot and toe numbness

    @GloomPreac Don't worry about the numbness too much. Mine has all but gone away. The only time I notice it is getting ready for bed when at the end of a busy day some of my leg muscles have tightened and become painful. I then give my muscles a deep massage and this makes my foot a bit...
  8. Majic

    How soon after TKR surgery can you go swimming?

    @SusieShoes The breast stroke is the only face down stroke that I know, and swimming lessons for adults are like hen's teeth round here.
  9. Majic

    How soon after TKR surgery can you go swimming?

    Does anyone know if and when it is ok to do breast stroke after two TKRs?. I have only swim breast stroke and back stroke, but have been told to do the crawl. Any advice welcome.
  10. Majic

    TKR Can lost ROM be regained

    @Roy Gardiner Thanks for the reply. This is what I have been doing, 2mins up to three x daily. Perhaps it is now time to lower the seat again, although it is already lower than my road bike. However it is not going to be level surfaces when I go out as we live in a very hilly place, at the...
  11. Majic

    Bilateral TKR Recovery Diary

    @Roy Gardiner I have just read your 2 and 3 year updates with some envy. I still have a lot of pain almost every step from tight ligaments and occasionally muscles which suddenly tighten. You motivated me so much during the early days, and I was convinced I would be like you and make a...
  12. Majic

    TKR Nana Moon's Shiny New Second Knee

    Happy new year Ann, and glad to here your family news. It won't happen to me as I have no children, we have a very small party at Christmas, just 3, hubby, me and my mum aged 92 and rather doddery now. We have more at New Year as we Always get together with friends. Thankfully I do not have...
  13. Majic

    How soon after TKR surgery can you go swimming?

    How soon has anyone done the breast stroke, and can it do any harm? I am not good at the crawl, although I can do the backstroke.
  14. Majic

    TKR Post op RTKR

    Liam, it to me a long time to get right round on my bike. I bought a very cheap static bike from a charity shop, cheap because the tension was broken, but just what I wanted. Put the seat at the very highest setting. Start by going backwards and forwards for 2 minutes or so three times a day...
  15. Majic

    TKR Can lost ROM be regained

    @newlybionic hi there. Have all your muscle and shin problems cleared up now? If so what did you do to help them?
  16. Majic

    TKR Can lost ROM be regained

    @Josephine Thank you for all your advice. I haven't followed up the second opinion route, as my knees themselves cause me no trouble, and everyone who examines them says how good they are. I have however followed up your recommendation of a good Chiropractor. I have found a wonderful one in...
  17. Majic

    TKR Slainte's Big Adventure

    What a wonderful report, and how I envy your lack of pain. My knees are pretty much perfect, but oh the muscle problems I am having. On my Doctor's advice, I started on Alendronic Acid a year ago, as a bone scan showed I had just tipped over the line into osteoporosis. I was very reluctant as...
  18. Majic

    TKR Nana Moon's Shiny New Second Knee

    Lovely to hear from you Ann but so sorry to hear about your problems. We had our knees done at about the same times. I am having problems that no one knows the causes of, pains on the outsides of both knees where the IT band goes in and out of the knee, and some tightness inside the knee and...
  19. Majic

    TKR 4 months out

    Hi, I have had a lot of massage, and am having it at the moment for tight muscles. I think it is doing me a lot of good. I would recommend it.
  20. Majic

    TKR Christine's Post Op Recovery

    Christine, I had a lot of back pain recently I found an Osteopath put it right very easily, it was my sacroiliac joint I had put out. Either might be able to help you.

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