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  1. madinana

    TKR This is hard!

    @Walkinginthesand you are only 5 weeks out, trying to cut down on pain so early. The hard thing about this knee replacement is you have to do one day at a time. Do you ice and elevate? Everybody heals different. The depression part I imagine is hard, but connecting with people on Bone smart will...
  2. madinana

    TKR Madinana Made it to knee #2

    @Nana moon 27 I am sorry to hear the pain meds are not helpful, hopefully things will get better!!!
  3. madinana

    TKR Madinana Made it to knee #2

    @Nana moon 27 that is the only way I can sleep on side with my leg off to side sounds uncomfortable but that is the only way my knees will be happy :rotfl:
  4. madinana

    TKR Madinana Made it to knee #2

    @Nana moon 27 I wish my meds made me drowsy..... I have to have my 2nd knee in just the right position or it will be ornery it likes to be out to the side and bent is that not crazy or what?!
  5. madinana

    TKR Madinana Made it to knee #2

    @Nana moon 27 are weather the next few days are below zero not counting wind chill and have noticed the weather does effect my knees and arthritis
  6. madinana

    TKR Madinana Made it to knee #2

    @Minnie's knees when to you take your milk thistle I got some today
  7. madinana

    TKR Minnes new knee and MUA

    @Minnie's knees I never heard about Tumeric I will definitely check it out thanks for the tip and @gr82cu2 thanks for telling @Minnie's knees
  8. madinana

    TKR Madinana Made it to knee #2

    @Nana moon 27 knee no 2 which is the right side does not like me. Had doctor appointment and it still does not like me driving as it aches, mainly in thigh area. Plus we are getting a lot of snow and took me an hour to get home. Will pass on the hello. I am tried tonight too and off to bed...
  9. madinana

    TKR Madinana Made it to knee #2

    @Legin I see you had posted to me. I am doing good. My 2nd knee still does not like me driving which I don't understand why. Went to doctors friday and manage to twist my leg (right) getting out of the car. Thankfully it hurt a wee bit at the time but did not last just a twinge here and there
  10. madinana

    TKR Madinana Made it to knee #2

    @Nana moon 27 I am doing okay have the good days and bad days with the knee. I don't get on here as much as for fear I would go off topic or say the wrong thing. I do read all the time but not always comment anymore. I hope all keeps improving for you
  11. madinana

    TKR June 30th 2014

    @martyz4 I had fun trying to use the wrap thingy I had and finally got filed in the garbage can.Only a few more days and then staples will come out. The staples really are not too bad when they come out. A few might pinch a little when come out but its over so fast you don't have time to think...
  12. madinana

    TKR June 30th 2014

    @martyz4 glad you are getting around. My ankles have bothered me off and on since my tkrs which I am not sure why, but my os said it is part of the recovery. like new knee in june said ice and elevate, it sure does help
  13. madinana

    TKR Left TKR on 17 July

    Oh Marmora I sure wish we all knew if you are okay, but you are in our thoughts praying all is well with the knees
  14. madinana

    TKR June 30th 2014

    @martyz4 thinking of you and best of luck on your day of surgery day, hope all goes well for you
  15. madinana

    TKR Yorkimom is ready to go...LTKR

    @Yorkimom I am very excited as I order that stretch out strap from Amazon and it should get delivered today. You had wonderful suggestions :goodpost:that I am writing them down. I also wanted to ride my stationary bike, but have not done that yet. So thank you for the tips.
  16. madinana

    TKR Hopefaith's Ups and Downs of Recovery

    @hopefaith unfortunately the weather does effect the knees, with our wacky weather knees don't like winter not sure how they will like summer, lol
  17. madinana

    TKR Minnes new knee and MUA

    @Minnie's knees how are you feeling I know it was first week of work. I thought about you all week. Have a restful weekend
  18. madinana

    Bilateral TKR It's finally time!!

    Well @ljrfrm did the recliner come I was going to cross my knees for luck but thought not such a good idea
  19. madinana

    TKR Left TKR on 17 July

    @marmora sure am worried about you, hoping everything okay with knees
  20. madinana

    Revision TKR Woohoo I'm starting to feel better!

    @Nana moon 27 remember one day at a time, each day is progress


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