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  1. Braunzie

    TKR Braunzie's Journey on "The Other Side"?

    Hi all - Back home! Today went really well. :thumb: Fortunately it started with a good night's sleep last night. Check in was 10:30 am. Surgery started around 12:30ish and lasted about 2 hours. Coming out of the anesthesia I got the shakes .. (really just pent up stress, I think). The...
  2. Braunzie

    Last Day of Work for.. 9 weeks??

    Well, this time has gone by so quickly! Now I'm looking at T-3.. and counting. A little nervous, but not as much as I expected. I feel a little numb (psychologically) .. My team at work (5 managers and about 80 staff) signed 5 different "get well cards" for me today and I was so touched...
  3. Braunzie

    Will I be able to do this with my new knee??? hahaha.. This is kind of a test.. not sure this link will be accessible..
  4. Braunzie

    Anyone familiar with or have experience with SwiftPath?

    "The SwiftPathTM Program is designed and proven to transform the patient’s outpatient total joint replacement experience. Our proven models, methods and results create an outpatient total joint replacement program that achieves exceptional results." It involves computer guided knee alignment...
  5. Braunzie

    Just read some post replacement recovery items

    All good info... but.. My OS claims I can "return to work" after 4 weeks.. - I got him to at least agree to give me 6.. Reading some of the threads, I'm VERY skeptical I would WANT to be in a work environment feeling the way some of the posts read.. Am I a woos?? I understand my...
  6. Braunzie

    Tomorrow I meet with the Surgeon to decide.. surgery or not?

    I think the writing is on the wall.. Cortisone shots, Hyaluronic Acid shots... somewhat improved motion, reduced pain and frequency of "catching" in the knee.. Can walk without limping SOMETIMES, but very unpredictable (and this is a BIG improvement from where I was). Can only go up and...
  7. Braunzie

    "Even after a knee replacement, your arthritis will still be there"

    Wow.. when someone told me this who'd had a knee replacement, my hopes for truly "recovering" and getting my "life back" kind of went out the window. "You'll have good days and bad days".. I thought getting a knee replacement we eliminate the arthritis that was causing me so my pain...
  8. Braunzie

    Stationary Recumbent Bike - before surgery?

    While I don't have a firm date yet, I anticipate having a TKR sometime in July. ("Advanced arthritis", bone on bone, and, as one doc said, a "torn up meniscus".. :( ) I was talking with someone who'd had a knee replacement and she suggested getting a recumbent bike to "build up strength"...
  9. Braunzie

    Bonesmart recommends 12 weeks before a return to work post- TKR?

    (At least that's my understanding... ) Just curious if this is widely accepted among doctors these days. I THOUGHT I heard my surgeon say 4 weeks???.. but that just seemed WRONG, based on the previous surgeries (and child birth) that I've had. As stated in my earlier question, I do have...
  10. Braunzie

    Surgeon recommendation..

    Looking at a TKR and wanting to get feedback from folks who would recommend their surgeon (pre-op to post-op experience).. I'm in the Seattle area, on the EAST SIDE, near Evergreen and Overlake Hospital. Any input would be VERY much appreciated! Thanks! :)
  11. Braunzie

    Reply to a single response?

    If I post a question / comment, and I have more than one response, is there a way of responding to individual responses rather than only posting a response at the end of the thread?
  12. Braunzie

    No date yet...

    I'm "only" 54 and am told they don't like doing knee replacements on people "so young".. Not feeling terribly "young" these days.. :( Finished the 3rd injection of hyaluronic acid injections last week and "waiting" to see if there is any improvement in my right knee. Not feeling very...

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