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    THR 2 weeks out for LHR 8/30

    I just had pre-opt blood work done, getting ready for THR on left hip on 8/30. Had RH done 4/26, so it will be about 4 months apart. I am ready to be able rehab both hips and get moving even more. Right is pretty good, but looking forward to a quiker recovery for LH due to it not being as bad as...
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    THR My Right THR recovery going well after almost 4 week

    I had Direct Lateral hip replacement surgery on my right hip on 4/26. The first week went as expected, then bogged down. I saw the Surgeon for 2 week checkup and he said my muscles were pretty "messed" due to multiple Bone spurs and bone on bone. I accepted that part of my recovery would be a...
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    THR Rt Hip Direct Lateral Replacement surgery coming up quickly.

    I am scheduled for THR on my Right Hip on 4/26. If all goes well , I plan to have the left hip done in August. What is the experience for how long between hip surgeries when doing both hips. My right hip has been bothering me for many years and left hip started hurting the last 6 months. PT has...

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