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  1. InkedMarie

    TKR Pulled Ligament in Week 6 recovery

    I like your surgeon @BlueSkiesHere ! Glad you had a good visit! Marie
  2. InkedMarie

    TKR Linz Recovery Journey

    With my first knee, I recall sitting in the car, on the backseat, while my husband shopped. He’d take pictures of various items and sent them to me so he didn’t get the wrong one LOL! Marie
  3. InkedMarie

    TKR Feeling sorry for myself and frustrated. LTKR ten days ago.

    It’s such a long process to recover. I hate when people have others say they’ll be doing xyz at x amount of weeks. Keep doing what you’re doing. Marie
  4. InkedMarie

    Bilateral TKR Will I be able to watch a 3 yo 4 weeks post op?

    @alemana I’m a bit late in reading your thread but I’m wondering if you’ve decided what to do? I realize you have obligations to your family but YOU need to come first. Your adult kids should have a back up plan anyway. As awful as it is to think about, anything can happen at any time. Your...
  5. InkedMarie

    TKR Cbet’s TKR Questions

    Good luck! We will be here when you’re coherent LOL! Marie
  6. InkedMarie

    TKR Marie’s LTKR thread!

    Hi @Catalien45 ! I’m the kitchen manager of a small elementary school: 116 kids! When I interviewed for the job, the Food Service Director told me it’s unlike any school, like a family. She was correct. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t drive almost 35min one way to work. Marie
  7. InkedMarie

    TKR New to site

    @Bridgy you‘re only four days post op. Everything you’re experiencing is new and is going to take time to get better. Marie
  8. InkedMarie

    TKR Marie’s LTKR thread!

    @LaJudes hello! I couldn’t stop my arms and legs from Thrashing around and weird vivid dreams. No thanks. Marie
  9. InkedMarie

    TKR Marie’s LTKR thread!

    @kiwicurls my tooth pain is gone because the tooth is gone!
  10. InkedMarie

    TKR Marie’s LTKR thread!

    My knee has been very sore the last couple weeks. I assume it’s due to the fact that I’m back to work for the last two weeks. I’m on my feet for my shift. The other thing is that I had an abscessed tooth. I’m not happy with my dentist. I went to see him the first time because my tooth felt odd...
  11. InkedMarie

    TKR Update

    Hi @DOCCUKE ! I’m in Gilford! Marie
  12. InkedMarie

    TKR Mickimouse TKR Recovery

    as an FYI, if I read BS on my IPhone, that I do not see that info. If it matters, I get notifications via email, click the link and come here to read the post. Marie
  13. InkedMarie

    TKR Mickimouse TKR Recovery

    I was close To four months post op before mostly normal sleep stayed. Be patient, even though it’s very hard! Marie
  14. InkedMarie

    TKR New to site

    Things will get better. Patience is def needed with TKR! Soon, you’ll be walking your dog and dancing! Marie
  15. InkedMarie

    PKR Work Following PKR

    You may still be on pain meds; keep that in mind when you decide to do work, if your job absolutely requires you to have a clear head. You will also need to be up and moving around at least hourly plus icing & elevating are a must. BTW, ice machines work awesome! Marie
  16. InkedMarie

    Bilateral TKR Bilateral Knee Replacement Scheduled Oct 18th; Nervous

    If my surgeon did bilateral, I would have preferred that! Marie
  17. InkedMarie

    TKR Knee Replacement at 30? Devastated!!

    Devastated? Be happy that, in 2022, surgeons do joint replacements on people your age! You will get a new knee (or two) and go on to live your life, getting married, having kids and you will most likely forget you had replacements. Yes, you may need to have them revised but be happy for the...
  18. InkedMarie

    PKR Left pkr

    Good luck! Marie
  19. InkedMarie

    TKR Right TKR

    I’m over four months and still a little stiff at times. Marie
  20. InkedMarie

    TKR TKRDogMom's Recovery RTKR

    Glad you made it to the other side! Marie

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