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  1. InkedMarie

    TKR Marie’s LTKR thread!

    Tomorrow is the day. I am leaving my house at 5:15am to be at the hospital at 6am. If all goes well, I should be going home sometime tomorrow. Right now, I’m drinking my Ensure. This is something different than my first. It’s Ensure Pre Surgery clear carbohydrate drink. I drink two tonight and...
  2. InkedMarie

    TKR Haven’t been here for a couple years.

    Greetings all! Been awhile since I’ve checked in. Too long. My RTKR will be four years old the end of August. I’m having my left replaced on April 21st. Been a six month wait (my choice) but I’m ready! My husband got out all my equipment, it’s all cleaned and ready to go. I see my surgeon...
  3. InkedMarie


    is there a way to either delete alerts or mark them read after I’ve read them?
  4. InkedMarie

    TKR Marie’s TKR Journey

    I’m starting this a week before my TKR. My day is a week from tomorrow, Monday August 27, 2018. I am currently 7 weeks tomorrow post op from my second THR. I am as prepared as I can be. I didn’t need to do a pre-op hospital visit, just a phone interview with a nurse, which I did on Friday. I...
  5. InkedMarie

    Wrap around ice pack for knee?

    I realized yesterday that my Cryo Cuff motorized ice machine is still gravity fed! Due to the tiny bedroom we have, there is no place to put this in our room at night. No problem. I am looking for something to use on my knee at bedtime. I’d like it cold, obviously and something wrap around for...
  6. InkedMarie

    InkedMarie - Question about icing

    @sistersinhim can you ice all night long? My husband asked me & I ddon’t know the answer!
  7. InkedMarie

    Lounge Doctor wedge sizing

    I want to order a Lounge Doctor wedge for my upcoming RTKR; I see more than one size available. I have no idea what size to buy! It’s my right knee that is being done on 8/27 and if it matters, i’m Recovering from a LTHR that was done on 7/2. No idea if my left leg would be comfortable on the...
  8. InkedMarie

    General anesthesia vs spinal for TKR

    can we discuss the topic, please? I have had two hip replacements, both with general anesthesia. With the first one in 2014: I don’t remember PACU at all, only remember going from pre-op then waking up in my room. I was pretty groggy but it didn’t last long. I had a catheter which came out the...
  9. InkedMarie

    THR Second THR over!

    Yesterday, I had a LTHR. My forst one was in May 2014. Back then, I don’t remember anything about post op but yesterday, I woke up in pain & thought my surgeon ran over me with a truck! That didn’t last but an hour. I went to my room, took a walk, had a sandwich & visited with three family...

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