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  1. MaryCat

    TKR 6-7 month appointment coming up

    @Smilechild we had our TKRs about the same time. I’m a little frustrated too that healing is taking longer. On my feet all day, lots of steps, and a few hours in start to lose my ROM and knee stiffens. Also a bit warm to touch. In the meantime just trying to do what works for the knee and...
  2. MaryCat

    Bilateral PKR PKR or TKR in California

    @CaFireman - I had my RTKR in Jan at Kerlan Jobe Institute in Santa Monica. They are part of Cedars Sinai but my procedure was done at St Johns Hospital- outpatient, Mako robot. If SD and OC orthos don’t work out for you I’d give them a look. My doc was Jeffrey Zarin. Good luck!
  3. MaryCat

    TKR Over exercising 21 weeks post TKR

    I thought I’d be back to full activities sooner too. My TKR was 3 weeks before yours and I still have to ice every day after work. More stiffness and loss of range for me. Still working only 3 days a week but doing low impact workouts on my off time (bike, mat, pool) and that’s helping. Also...
  4. MaryCat

    TKR Adg11 Recovery Journey

    adg11– We have a few things in common for our recovery. We have two kitties and they insisted on helping me. And they scratched me a couple of times while I was recovering. I think you did all the right things tho, should be fine. They did help me sleep tho during the day. If I stared at...
  5. MaryCat

    TKR 4 years post tka and now pain and swelling

    Jerrycat- this sounds really frustrating. Does it respond to elevating and icing? Maybe that could help. Or avoiding walking, gardening, and driving for a week?minimal weight bearing activities for a bit. I’m not a Dr but have rehabbed a few injuries. Hopefully, with this post 2 weeks ago...
  6. MaryCat

    TKR Adventuress’s Recovery

    Wow I’m really glad I checked in and found this thread. It was definitely a struggle to get back to outdoor adventures and sports but month four was a lot better! Still cautious about some activities but went away for the holiday and was able to move about and do things so that it was day 3...
  7. MaryCat

    TKR Dr says trust the knee? How when it's unstable and gives out?

    Lots of good advice here. I managed an upright bike with zero resistance but had to just rock the pedals for awhile, then circle my legs backward for a couple weeks before I was able to do a complete rotation forward. I also felt better when I made it to the pool- walking and stretching and...
  8. MaryCat

    TKR 3 weeks in with little progress

    I don’t think you can control when the swelling goes away. I was worried when I went for my 2 month checkup with the ortho. He said it would really improve in month 3 and it did. I had to back off of any weight bearing exercises for longer than expected and do range of motion and gentle...
  9. MaryCat

    MUA 10 Weeks and in need of encouragement

    Good plan. I had the same situation. Same place for a couple of weeks and it I worked my knee it would swell and stiffen more. I’m at 16 weeks and a few weeks back the swelling went down and that made a big difference. Stay patient- I struggled with that. Aqua phys therapy helped me but time...
  10. MaryCat

    TKR GlideFloss TKR Report - from Dec 06 '21 on

    Hope you’re feeling better!
  11. MaryCat

    TKR MaryCat’s Recovery Journey

    Update 13 weeks- finally feeling like myself again. Am able to go more than half the day doing things as long as I’m not standing the whole time. Off the celebrex, taking maybe one dose a day of ibuprofen. No longer carrying my ice packs w me unless I’m gone all day. Still icing 30 min or...
  12. MaryCat

    TKR Right tkr

    My surgery was Jan 10 still have issues with going down stairs. Feels awkward but my knee is ok after. Been working on it with my PT past few weeks (low box step exercise that uses the surgery leg for support going up and down). So far just doing a couple of flights ok but haven’t pushed it
  13. MaryCat

    TKR Flexdixon88’s Recovery Thread

    @flexdixon88 hopefully you’re feeling a little better now.
  14. MaryCat

    TKR GlideFloss TKR Report - from Dec 06 '21 on

    @glidefloss thanks for the update. Your recovery is inspiring-best of luck with left TKR
  15. MaryCat

    TKR MaryCat’s Recovery Journey

    Update: Now 10 weeks TKR and happy that I don’t have to reach for Alleve first thing in the morning. Past few days walking about 3,000 steps a day and less inflammation— tho still taking Celebrex. Have been trying to cut back on tylenol/Alleve since it’s a little hard on the stomache. Went...
  16. MaryCat

    TKR MaryCat’s Recovery Journey

    The walking is nice- I also found that moving my arms and midsection in the water helped with neck and back tightness. I think I’m going to do more arm workouts— so focused on my knee that I’m not getting enough exercise— feeling stiff and also gained a few pounds:)
  17. MaryCat

    TKR RTKR Mar 4th 2022. My journey

    @Rubybegonia don’t worry about that 90 degree in one week comment. As everyone has mentioned that’s complete baloney. It took me about 5 weeks to get to 90 degrees and 6 weeks to go all the way round on the bike. I’m 9 weeks and still waiting for some of the inflammation go go down.
  18. MaryCat

    TKR MaryCat’s Recovery Journey

    @Jockette thanks. So far so good on pool therapy but I agree 4 weeks is really too soon. My incision still looked like it was healing at 4 weeks and my ROM couldn’t get a full revolution on the bike. When I got in the pool on my own, 6 weeks post TKR, I went for 20 min and did walking...
  19. MaryCat

    TKR MaryCat’s Recovery Journey

    Thank you Jockette
  20. MaryCat

    TKR MaryCat’s Recovery Journey

    Dixie lover Mn Thanks for your msg. Knee stiffness here too but getting better. Feels like there’s a 4” wide rubber band on my leg and then occasional weirdness with clicks or feeling like there’s something odd sitting on my knee. Had to work hard for 2 weeks on walking posture with a cane...

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