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    TKR From partial to custom full?

    Hi everyone. So i should have had my lateral partial knee today. I was admitted and preped. The leg also needed to be straightened. When the surgeon manipulated my leg today pre op he said it was worse, ordered more x rays and confirmed i now need a total. Worse still, it has to be custom made...
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    PKR Analysis paralysis!

    Hi there, im no expert but i'm having a lateral partial knee next wednesday....i'm 52. I'm in the UK and the two things that swayed my decision were a) that i want quality of life now - no one is guarenteed tomorrow and b) my surgeon has told me that there is a limited time window for this...
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    PKR Previous complex hip resurfaces now lateral partial knee 29th june....

    Hi everyone, thanks for having me. Having had arthritis / connective tissue disease from age around 2 i find myself now, aged 52, with 2 hip resurfaces (left hip age 39, right hip 49) due to have a LPKR next week. Due to muscle wastage and tightness of connective tissues, both surgeries have...
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    2022 June Sunbeams - Are you having knee surgery in June?

    Hello everyone. Im having a lateral partial on my left knee next week - June 29th. Already had both hips resurfaced and have been told this will be much harder, so im a little anxious about recovery right now.

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