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    THR What to do next?

    MRI on back shows L4/L5 femoral narrowing Went to neurologist who said back issue at L4/L5 is not connected to leg issues He has me scheduled for MRI on left leg mid July and he will be able to read MRI plus do an EMG Also said he thought I had some muscle atrophy in my left leg, though I can’t...
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    THR What to do next?

    Have to be careful about sitting around because my TFL gets tight and then I would feel pain in the groin. Since the first acupuncture session, have not felt any pain in groin area, pretty much kneecap. Will see what happens after next acupuncture and back MRI.
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    THR What to do next?

    Started back up doing PT due to pain in my left leg. Pain was pretty tough, but after doing sessions at PT or at home, I always got some relief. I go to formal PY session once every 10 days and continue to do my stretching six or seven days a week to strengthen glutes, back, adductors. No...
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    THR What to do next?

    Had a THR on left side Jan 2021 and DR said everything went well. Started rehab four days later and did rehab three times per week for six weeks and the other four days I did it on my own. Continued to rehab six/seven days per week for about 45 mins to an hour. Seemed like things were fine but...

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