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    THR Xanax for muscle relaxer?

    Thanks to all for the info. A quick update: for the past 2 days I’ve only taking Tylenol and meloxicam for pain. The good news is that I haven’t had much pain, so I don’t think I’ll need to take the opioids or anything else narcotic at this point. What a relief! I just don’t think that I can...
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    THR Xanax for muscle relaxer?

    Another question: do most people take a break from the comptression socks during the day? And for how how long?
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    THR Xanax for muscle relaxer?

    Thanks for the input and support. I’m going to call the doc tomorrow. I’m just very leery of the opioids as I’ve reacted badly to two of them so far. Maybe I’ll just need to tough it out with ice, Tylenol and meloxicam. I know some people are able to do this.
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    THR Xanax for muscle relaxer?

    Hi and thanks for this forum. I had an anterior hip replacement on 6/28, outpatient. They got me up and walking at the surgical center and I’ve had no problems walking at home or doing the PT bed exercises. I don’t have pain in my hip but I still have muscle pain in my thigh, below the...

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