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    Spinal anesthetic question

    I'm thinking @Josephine or @Orthodoc will know this, but anyone else please chime in. What specific tests or actions do surgeons use to check to be sure spinal anesthetic is adequate before they begin cutting? Patients are usually sedated by that time and can't respond to verbal questions, so...
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    THR I'm finally on my way ...

    Don't know how many of the people still here from my era who will remember my story, so I'll do a quick introduction: I'm one of the "class of 2012" members. Had my left hip replaced January 2012--went great! Right hip replaced June 2012--surgery went great; post op PT was too aggressive...
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    I had my left hip replaced 1 year ago today. It doesn't seem like it's been that long ... time flies. That hip is doing fabulous! I LOVE it. I call it my perfect hip. Feels better than it has in probably 20 years. Still working out some tendon and muscle PT injuries with the right/second...
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    Chiropractic adjustments after hip replacement

    I've had both hips replaced. I had pre-existing back pain that has gotten worse and is very stubborn to relent after surgery. Probably the manipulation of the leg on that side got it going. I'm considering seeing a chiropractor, but I'm nervous about it because of the hip replacements being...
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    About success of hip replacements

    I review Social Security disability claims at my job. I'm also the only one at my work place who has had a hip replacement done. I was discussing my situation with our head-honcho administrator the other day and he brought up an interesting point that might help many of you who are getting...
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    THR Dorothy's 2nd hip recovery, June 22, 2012

    This is just to get the thread going so it's easier for Mike to find. Talk you to all after I get home with my new hip. Dorothy This is to give everyone an update on Dorothy. Her surgery went well and she is now begining her recovery. Surgery was on Friday and as of Saturday evening she is...
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    2nd hip coming up soon

    I'm having my right hip replaced June 22. Coming up soon! Time flies by quickly--I scheduled the surgery when I went back for a f/u post op for my other hip ... that was more than three months ago. Now, my next replacement is only one month away! I'm glad I'm going to have it done, but...
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    Has this experience changed you as a person ... (long)

    I guess I'm feeling deep and philosophical today. I was thinking that this experience--my hip arthritis, difficulty getting diagnosed, surgery, and recovery has really changed me as a person. I thought I would pose this for others to comment on their own experience and how it may have affected...
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    Long term success of hip vs. knee replacement

    I'm curious about something and not sure where to post this, but here goes. I was talking with my neighbor last evening. His wife has had bilateral knee replacements. She is in her 40's and appears to be in generally good health. She had arthritis in her knees and had both knees replaced...
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    Rider1960, Dorothy, back home finally!!!! (the long version!)

    Yes, I'm home!!!!! I did go to rehab for a week after surgery, although I arrived there on Saturday too late for morning PT and they don't do any on Sunday--my first PT and OT was Monday AM. I see Mike, man of few words, didn't disappoint me, lol. I just read what he wrote after my surgery...
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    THR rider1960 (Dorothy) post op info

    Hi, the evening before my surgery. I'm just setting this up so my friend Mike can post for you all. See you on the other side! :yes 4: Dorothy
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    Only one more day to go! January 25--bring it on!!!

    I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!!! I can't wait to get this bad hip out of here and get a new one in--one that actually works!! I can't even describe how bad the pain has been since I had to stop taking the anti-inflammatory--I didn't think it was doing much until I had to stop taking...
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    Urinary tract infection ...

    My preop testing uriinalysis found "mixed flora" in my urine. The Dr.'s office called yesterday and asked me to go to a local lab to give them another urine sample for a urine culture. I am surprised that they didn't just culture the urine they had at the pre-op visit--do they just throw it...
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    Legs swelling

    As my hip pain gets worse, I'm experiencing leg swelling, both sides, starting around late morning and increases progressively as the day goes on. The swelling starts a little above the ankle and extends to the hips--calves, knees, thighs. My feet and ankles do not swell. The legs feel...
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    Advice about what specific hip aids to buy

    Here is a website that has several different packages of hip aids--reacher, long handled sponge, sock putter-on-er, etc. I thought I'd ask for advice about which kit you think will serve the purpose the best, but not be spending any more money than I need to...
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    Weakness in legs and back getting worse ...

    I've had significant weakness in my worst leg (left), but lately it seems like my right leg is also getting weak and my back is spasming a lot when I walk. I also looked at my legs closely this morning and I notice that my worst leg is atrophied compared to the other--or the other one is...
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    When did you feel completely independent?

    I live alone. I plan to go to an inpatient rehab facility for a 1 or 2 week stay after my hip replacement. Then I will be home alone most of the time. I'm concerned about things such as showering, dressing (including socks/shoes), feeding my pets, etc--day to day things--and when you felt...
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    Riding a stationary bike after surgery

    I'm going to have the >90 degree restriction for 6 weeks (posterior approach), but I'm thinking I can ride a stationary bike without breaking that as long as the seat is adjusted the correct height and I get on the easiest side. I'm planning ahead because my surgery will be in the dead of...
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    Best clothes to wear after hip replacement

    I'm thinking of what clothes to wear after the hip replacement. I'm thinking pull on sweat pants and extra large underwear to keep things loose over the incision--what do you think. What about footwear. Best socks. What type are easiest to put on. I'll have the >90 degree restriction...
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    My house looks like a tornado hit!

    I'm looking around my house and seeing piles of paperwork, magazines, dust bunnies, etc etc. It's getting harder and harder to keep it neat and clean. Anyone else have this problem because of their pain:what: I can't wait to get this over with and be able to get moving again!

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